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    Brother or sister for Oliver and Dashiell

    My husband and I are having the hardest time agreeing on names for our next baby due in March 2014. We like to keep the sex a surprise until the baby arrives, which means coming up with both girl and boy names.
    Challenges: our last name is abrupt, one-syllable ending in -ick, so we lean toward longer, softer-flowing names, although my list kinda says otherwise. We also tend to favor more unique, old-fashioned names.
    Our first two boys both have family middle names (Oliver Leroy for my grandfather, Dashiell Kenneth for my husband's grandfather). We also call them often by their nick names Oli and Dash. My husband's father is Frederick, so that's a possible middle name for a boy. Louis is another possible family name we could use, but we aren't opposed to other names.
    For a girl I would like to use my sister's name, Shelby, as a middle name but I'm afraid it may not fit well as a middle? Our girl name used to be Harper, but it's gained so much popularity over the years that we have pretty much taken it off the table.
    We both love the name Arlo for a boy, but we are afraid it's much to close to sounding like Oliver. Opinions?

    Other names I (kinda) like:

    Coralie (Coco)
    Boheme/ Beau (would love to get to Beau as a nick name but we don't like Isa- or Mirabeau)
    Juniper (June/Juni) (ends in -er like Oliver, too close?)
    Romilly (Romy)

    Maxwell (ends in the -el sound like Dashiell, too close?)
    Rosco/Rocco (too choppy with our last name?)
    Lorenzo (Enzo)
    Augustus (Augie)

    Any suggestions and opinions GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!

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    First of all I adore your sons' names! Oliver and Dashiell are wonderful sib names! Of your choices my favorites are Coralie, Pearle, Maxwell and Augustus. Any of these would make magic along with their brothers names

    Some of my favorite loves that might go well are


    Josephina (Josie or Phena)
    Philomena (Minnie or Minna)
    Francine (Cici or Frenchie)
    Helena (Lena)
    Emmeline (Emme)
    Aurora (Rory or Aura)
    Theadora (Thea or Dorie)


    Reuben (Ben)
    Simeon (Sim)
    Abraham (Bram)
    Sebastian (Bastian)
    Clement (Clem)
    Francis (Franco or Frankie)
    Raphael (Raph)
    Giovanni (Gio or Vann)
    Roderick (Rik)

    Good luck to you in choosing!!! <3
    ~Jackie Jordan~ a.k.a. ~ J.J.~

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    My favorite names from your lists are Coralie, Everleigh (though I much prefer Everly), Maxwell, and Amos. I understand that you are worried about Harper's popularity, but I still think it goes well with your sibset and goes great with your other boys' names. Popularity wouldn't stop me from using a name I love. I like the pp's suggestion of Helena "Lena" for a girl and Sebastian "Bastian" for a boy.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. : )
    Mommy to Eva Lily Catherine, b. 1/31/2014

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    I really like Harper, despite it gaining some popularity. I think it would fit perfect with your boys' names.

    Names from your list that I like:
    Coralie (Coco)
    Everleigh [Shelby Ever is a cute combo, although I realize you want Shelby in the middle because it is your sister's name.]

    Augustus (Augie) [I prefer August.]
    Archer [Archer Frederick is strong and handsome.]
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