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Thread: Hodge or Viggo?

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    Usually I would say use Hodge as a middle since its a family name but I like it better than Viggo and it goes really well with your last name.
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    I adore Viggo and think it sounds better with your last name.
    Hodge is good in the middle.
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    You can't be wimpy with a name like Viggo Wilhelm. I would put Hodge in the middle spot.

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    Viggo Wilhelm sounds rather foreign. Not necessarily a problem, but it might not be what you're after either. Personally, I think Viggo is a more adventurous and interesting a name than Hodge, but either would work, and you could use them as a first-middle combination in either order and have it work, too.

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    o_o I can't decide either. With a last name like Wilhelm, you can't really go wrong though.

    I like Hodge better, but Viggo Wilhelm... is just... yes.
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