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    Middle name for Viggo!

    Thoughts on Viggo Edison Oliver Wilhelm? Wilhelm is our surname.
    He has a sister Ruby Claire. A future sister would be named Hazel Cordelia.

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    Viggo Edison Oliver Wilhelm is a pretty cool name. However, as your daughter is Ruby Claire I think I would maybe choose one middle name for Viggo. Viggo Edison Wilhelm or Viggo Oliver Wilhelm would still sound nice imo.

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    Does your daughter have a second middle name? I think Viggo Edison is better on its own. Viggo sounds great with your last name!

    (love your girl names, btw)

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    If your daughter only has one middle name it's a little unfair to give your son two middle names. Besides, I think Viggo Oliver Wilhelm sounds much cleaner and nicer than Viggo Edison Oliver Wilhelm. (For some reason I always want to say "The Third" after that)

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