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    I think Jane is one of the most beautiful names! I think it is perfect with Mira and Benjamin!!

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    I find Jane very plain. With Mira, I would probably go with Iris.

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    I think Jane is gorgeous and spunky, just like Mira. I don't find it plain at all. It's a beautiful classic!
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    I agree about the popular but to me since I never met one its more on the overally familar like a name that everyone knows & assumes popular. I love the idea of her taking your name in that case I wouldnt care eithet way... otherwise I love the name Iris!

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    Some might find it plain, but I love it. I have four daughters and one is named Jane and her name has actually turned out to be the most uncommon and unusual one in the bunch. It's a very familiar name and I think this is why people often consider it to be a popular one too. But I rarely hear it used as a first name. It's most often used as a middle. I wonder if this might be changing. I see it asked about as a potential first name quite often on the naming forums.

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