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    Is Jane too plain?

    I'm expecting baby #3 early next year. My DD is Mira Annabella and I have a son, Benjamin Liam.

    Because Mira is fairly uncommon, I keep thinking I need her potential sister's name to be equally unheard of (at least in my area). Current possibilities include: Nola, Iris, Gemma, Maeve. I live in the midwest where Emma/Ava still dominate.

    However for the great majority of my life my MN was Jane. When I got married, I took DH's last name, and made my maiden my new MN, thereby losing Jane.

    So here's the question: Is Jane too plain alongside my sweet & spunky little Mira? Or does it bridge the gap between Mira and (much more traditional) Benjamin?

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    Jane may be more popular than plain. I know quite a few people using it as first or mn right now. Just fyi.

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    I love Jane. It's so sweet and beautiful. It's mature and soft and works so well on every age. Janey makes an adorable nn for a little girl. I think it bridges the gap between Mira and Benjamin. It's decently well used, it's familiar like Benjamin, but hasn't been used as a first nearly as often as it's used as a middle.

    From your current list, I think Iris and Mira are sweet together and Iris is unusual but familiar also so it does the same for Mira and Benjamin. Iris Jane is so beautiful!

    EDIT- - I wanted to add that when I was working at the daycare, there was a girl there named Mallory Jane. She said she didn't like how plain it was and about 5 of the teen girls just gushed about how beautiful and special and perfect it was. So obviously there's plenty of younger girls who love it. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I choice the "bridge" option. Jane is simple but not plain. Familiar and very well-know but not overly popular or trendy. I only know a two maybe girls called Jane, seriously, I think it's much more usual in the middle.
    I think Jane fits nicely into your sibset, you can give her highly unusual middle name, for example Jane Athena came to mind. Jane Maeve is nice too.

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    I always picture Jane as the polar opposite of plain. It's virtually bursting with just... awesomeness! If Jane was paired with a sib-set of John and Mary, I still wouldn't think it were plain, but just vintage (which is a good, good thing in my book). So yeah, totally useable, and it's brought to it's full potential with sister Mira : )
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