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    Eliza and Eva...too similar for sisters?

    We have 11 weeks left to decide on a name for Eliza's little sister. Looking for something that's feminine, not frilly.....strong and simple. Eva seems to fit, but I never thought I would repeat first initials. I'm not necessarily opposed to it, I just don't want to get stuck in a theme. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

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    My cousin has daughters E, E, K, in that order... My grandparents had five J's and an E (the E is fifth of six)... My aunt named all four of her kids with the initials JAE; her kids have each kept or plan on keeping that tradition going by naming their kids with the first two initials J.A. Another cousin has kids B, C, B.

    I think if you like the name, you should name them that, regardless of whatever theme you think you've backed yourself into. It only matters that you like the names. Out of curiosity, how do you plan on pronouncing Eva? EE-vuh or eh-vah? How do you pronounce Eliza? EE-lie-zuh or uh-lie-zuh? I think the different number of syllables makes the names sound different enough that they sound good together but not matchy-matchy, unlike Emma/Emily type of combos.

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    I think it's OK. It starts a bit of a trend but not an overwhelming one.

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    My siblings and I are MME(more often L)L. My parents were asked with my third sibling if they were considering a third M name but their top choices were Grace and Elizabeth.
    And I think Eva works well with Eliza as long as you're pronouncing it as Ay-vuh and not Ee-vuh. Ee-lie-za and Ee-vuh is too close for my taste
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    Thanks! Eliza is uh-lie-za and Eva would be ee-va.

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