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    my friend loves Samwise as do I! I would use it I have these on my own list

    Hobbiton - girl
    Meriadoc -boy
    Shire - boy
    Legolas - girl
    Peregrine - boy/girl this way
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    Glorfindel is my absolute favorite Tolkien character. I would love to use this name. I do not feel like it's particularly unusable, by my husband gives me weird looks anytime I bring it up. He has such a beautiful story!

    I also love the names Peregrin & Faramir.

    And I know we're in the Boys forum, but Valinor is one of my favorite options for girls. I suppose it could work well for boys, too.

    Also, Arathorn could be an alternative to Aragorn, maybe? I don't know, it might be as associated with LotR as Aragorn, but I don't think so.
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    LOVE THORIN! So so much. I probably wouldn't use it on a human being but I'd definitely consider it for a pet. Something large and wolf-like like a German shepherd or malamute. I'd file Bilbo under awesome pet names as well.

    Kili is another favourite of mine but as a pp noted it's not very usable

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    For the Dwarves, I sort of like Bombur even though he didn't do much :P His name has a cool sound. Aside from the obvious Thorin, I think there's some Dwarf names that are usable. I think there's a few that could be used as a nn for a subtle connection to the work.

    Dori -- as a nn. I know someone with a really long Greek name containing -dorus and he goes by Dori. Theodore, Dorian, Isidore, Salvador.
    Fili -- as a nn. Bonfilio, Fileas, Filibert, Phillip, Philemon
    Kili -- as a nn. Eskil, Kildaire, Killian
    Loni -- on its own or as a nn. Alonzo, Fallon, Lonan, Marlon, Quillon
    Nori -- nn. Honor, Lenoris, Minori, Norio
    Ori -- By itself (means 'my light') or nn. Boris, Dorian, Florian, Orion, Torian
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    Tolkien came up with some beautiful names, but to me, they work best as middle names. Names like Frodo and Gandalf could be compared to naming your child Oprah: they're so entrenched in someone else's identity that it would be hard for the child to make it their own. The only ones I might consider using are Arwen, Eowyn, Faramir, and Peregrin(e), nn Pippin. But it seems that everyone wants to use Peregrin(e), nn Pippin on Nameberry---I swear I've seen at least three birth announcements for different Peregrin(e)s/Pippins. It's kind of like the Atticus of Nambeberry names: LOTR and/or The Hobbit were probably the first pieces of fantasy literature that really affected a lot of us and pulled us into another world, so Tolkien names are easy choices for Berries.

    If you really want to use a Tolkien name, go ahead because a lot of them are gorgeous and tied to great characters. I just think we should analyze why this happens among Berries because these names clearly have a pull that names from Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire/Games of Thrones don't have (yet).

    I do really like dantea's suggestion of the Dwarves' names as nicknames, especially Dori for names like Theodore, Fili for Philip/Phillip, and Kili for Killian.

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