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    Samwise and other Tolkien names

    This is just me musing because I can't use it (I'm already using Frode, the name Frodo was based on) but I do find it lovely. It's got the common Sam, wise is always a good quality, and Sam was really the hero of the story, if quietly. I really love it ^_^

    Other than that, I find these all usable and I love them:

    Aragorn -- though I realize this is super connected to LOTR
    Bard -- this is GP word name for me too
    Peregrin (Pippin) -- This is absolutely usable!
    Rohan -- Place name, very cool.
    Thorin -- also very usable

    My GP on the list -- Shadowfax. This would be an awesome middle name. Also, Shire, just cause I like the sound and the images it gives me in my head.

    Feel free to add. ^_^
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