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    I like the name Peregrine but prefer connotations of the bird to the Hobbit (sorry) so I'm keeping the e. I don't really like Pip/Pippin either. I know, Nameberry blasphemy.

    I rather liked Beorn.

    I like the names of the Eagles, especially Thorondor and Meneldor.

    Incidentally, my brother uses "Bombadil" as a verb to mean "tell an elaborate story that nobody asked to hear that takes everything off on a tangent for ten minutes."

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    I know a young Thorin, he totally rocks the name
    I love Rohan, Faramir, Samwise and Peregrin.
    I have two lovebirds my ex insisted on naming Ori and Nori too come to think of it lol.
    Mummy of Arthur Ash Genki - 25th November 2014 <3

    Edmund . Linden . Wolfgang . Murdoch . Darcy
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