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    I love Peregrin, Rohan, and Thorin. I'd never use them, but I love them. I'm just starting to really get into Tolkien's works, but I've been a fan of the movies since I was old enough to watch them. Part of the reason I love Sam so much is because of Sam Gamgee. My taste in names just isn't adventurous enough for Samwise.

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    Lots of my favorites. we've also added Finglas (one of the ancient ents) and Thorondor (king of the eagles) to our definitely list. I actually met a Thorondor once!
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    I like Samwise, Strider, Peregrin especially with nn Pippin, and Legolas. I also adore Greenleaf as a gp (or a dream surname) Swoon.

    Fili & Kili- I like Fili's name better, alas sadly, neither one is usable in the real world.
    Isildur- He's like the legendary cousin of Isidore. Awesome, but a flawed namesake.
    Smeagol- I might be the only one, but I kind of think this name is adorable.
    (I would never use it, but it's got a nice ring to it... hehe!)
    Thorin- A kick-butt name and character. This one is definitely substantial enough to be used.

    I also think that Shadowfax and Glamdring would make the ultimate names for pets. =]
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    You're not alone. I think Smeagol sounds adorable too but should stay in the bet category. I know someone named Torin (so it's close there).

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    i find almost all of the Elven names usable. Rohan and Rohirrim (the latter as mn) have been on my list forever. Elendil is great. i love Eowyn but the character is a bit sad so i wouldn't use it on a person.

    so far i have met a real life Frodo, Gandalf and Arwen. i was surprised to see how well Arwen worked for a person! i wouldn't have expected so. in the same way, Aragorn could work for a real person, although my first inclination is to stay away from it since it's such a well-known Tolkien name.

    i named two cats of mine Tinúviel and Feanor. i recommend the Silmarillion for even more name inspiration!
    that said.. Silmaril?

    the dwarves have some great names too if you're into Nordic-sounding names.

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