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    I heard some scary stuff about giving Oragel to babies too young, so Azula never had that. If she got really fussy and I was especially exhausted I would give her some infant Tylenol.

    How did I forget the diaper rash? She would get a little rashy right before the teeth would cut through. I forgot about that.
    Note: usually we use natural bum cream from the organic grocer, but if baby gets super rashy all of a sudden I highly recommend Zincofax. It goes on really thick like Penaten cream, so its not very fun to apply, but it gets rid of the rash much faster than anything else we've tried.
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    Patrick got his first tooth around four months. I don't remember it vividly but he was extra fussy like one night and then out popped a tooth. However other teeth were a lot worse. Mary didn't get any teeth until around a year. She now has four teeth total at fourteen months. Recently I think she's been working on her one year old molars since she's been extra fussy, gnawing on everything and her hands in her mouth a lot while crying. We only use Tylenol since that's what our pediatrician recommends. I feel bad drugging them but if you think about it if you were in that much pain you'd probably take something to help.
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    I wouldnt have connected the diaper rash! Shes luckily never really had any (knock on wood) so that will be a eady sign. & our doctor recommends baby tylenol for everything but my moms on a kick about something about recent deaths theyre trying to connect? I havent looked into it but there's always something lol.

    But yeah Id probly want to use somethibg if frozen suckers or nothing relieved their pain.. I actually heard that if we as adults were to go through what they are wed never be able to handle the I can only imagine it for them.

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    My girls boths started teehing early about 8-10weeks old and cut their first teeth at 3 months old. Elizabeth had all her teeth (including the last set of molars) by 18 months old, Annabelle is 22 months now and has 2 of the final molars left to cut.
    Elizabeth was easy compared to Annabelle when is comes to teething, she got red cheeks, chewed on everything and drooled a little but that was it. Unless she was cutting molars that is, then we were up all night. Annabelle has nappy rash, drool by the bucket load, red cheeks, is very very grumpy and almost all refuses milk or solid foods for a few days each time.

    Apart from frozen/chilled teething rings or medication we use an amber teething necklace. We didn't use one with Elizabeth because she didn't need it but Annabele has an amber teething necklace. I know a lot of people a skeptical about them (heck I was skeptical!) and worry about the choking hazard but we have found they really do help. She is much less grumpy and at the very least it has resuced her drooling significalty. We don't go through 10 drool soaked bibs a day amymore. At sleep times we take if off and put it around her ankle under her clothes so she can't choke on it or get it off. I would never let a baby sleep with one on, that seems silly to me.
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    Teething was not fun! Her symptoms were crankiness, biting everything not nailed down, flaming red cheeks, lots of drooling, and pulling at her ears (she ended up getting an ear infection she was so run down).

    Teething required a lot of extra patience on my part. She went from a content, easy going baba who slept through the night to a monster who wouldn't be more than 2inches away from her mama at any given time! She became very clingy.

    We used amber teething necklaces which I HIGHLY recommend! No choking risk, and very soothing for baby to chew on without any danger. Sophie the Giraffe was also a godsend, and also became her favourite plaything. Just remember to sanitize it daily as it ends up getting very sticky from constantly being chewed.

    Medicine wise, we didn't use much. We gave her some infant liquid paracetemol when she get feverish from it, and used rubbed sachets of teethas (I'm in the UK not sure if they're available elsewhere) to relieve some of the pain when it got really bad.

    It was a tough few months, cutting the back molars were particularly awful, but we got through it!

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