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  • Amelia

    13 18.84%
  • Anna

    15 21.74%
  • Camila

    27 39.13%
  • Gianna

    14 20.29%
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    Choose one name for daughter please.

    I am back with a Poll

    Brother is Matteo Jose, last name is Besteiros. 100% Hispanic family from Florida.

    If you have time, please add a comment about our concerns/assumptions about the name you picked.

    Names and concerns/assumptions:

    Amelia - We liked it for so long that now I feel we are tired or liking it. It still seems like the most 'safe' name.

    Anna - Would need a GOOD middle name to have more personality.

    Camila - Seems to be the freshest for Anglos, but a bit common in Hispanic circles (mainly Mexico). Also, a friend used it, but they live 300 miles away.

    Gianna - Seems happy and risky, different in Florida. I have read it is common in NorthEast for Italian families. We are no Italians at all. Also read about some negatives stereotypes. It is a polarizing name.

    Thank you so much for your time. We will use your feedback.

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    That was tough, I really like Camila AND Gianna.
    I chose Gianna, because I don't hear it as often.
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    I voted for Camila,I like how well it goes with Matteo and your ln.

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    FL, USA
    I vote for Anna. Anna Victoria is a nice combo with personality.

    ETA: Although I'm not Hispanic, it's nice to see another Floridian on here! : )
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    Yes Victoria is nice with Anna.

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