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    I love Jack and Jackson in comparison to Jax/Jaxon which are increasingly popular, but all of those names are huge in the western US, where i live. Its so popular that instead of being like "Aww, Jack!" when another is born, I'm like "Oh....another Jack. Yay?" There's only so many times you can gush over how delightful and quirky-vintagey a name feels, and after like the 5th one you meet it stops feeling so cute and unique.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    That was our favorite boy name as well and I was wondering the same thing. Then I heard people talking about recently born babies or pregnant people that were having boys almost all of the boys 3 out of the 4 were JAXSON or JACKSON... So I think this name will be everywhere! (And I am up North in New England). We are going with the alternative of Knox Same sound but way less popular. Good luck!
    So very excited to be expecting our 1st Baby August 3rd Boy: Knox Girl: Avery

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    In the last year, I have known 3 people who named their baby Jackson and heard it so much out in public. I feel like every boy these days is named Jackson or Brayden around here.
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    I have met at least 3 or 4 (probably more) Jacksons at my work this past summer, so yeah, I'd say it's pretty popular, especially among non-name nerds. The only ones I hear more are Tanner, Hunter, Cayden, and Brayden.

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    I know a lot of Jackson, Jaxon, & Jaxson's.

    But Jackson is my favorite spelling.

    GL .

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