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    will this name become too popular soon ??? :(

    I named my beautiful baby girl Mirabelle because I loved the Annabelle and Isabel names but I wanted it to be more original. Will this be too popular soon like the others?

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    I don't think Mirabelle will become as popular. I think it is a lovely name but it doesn't feel like it has the same mass appeal as the other two you mentioned.
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    Thanks for your feedback I really hope it does not become too popular

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    I think the vowel-y names are coming back in with force, but Mirabelle should be quite safe. Generally (obviously not always; look at Isabella) it seems that the most popular names are relatively short.
    Best of luck! I think Mirabelle is absolutely beautiful.

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    I think Mirabelle is safe. Now, if you call her Bella, 5 girls are going to turn around. Mira or Mirabelle, though, I don't think will spike. Very beautiful name, and I love the nn Mira.

    I got my name from similar reasoning, actually. My mom liked a few really popular names, and chose one that was similar but not the same. It's worked well for me--people know my name, but I've always been the only one in my group or class. I think it's a good naming strategy, personally. :-)
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