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    Red face Any sibsets you consider very un-matched?

    Are there any sibsets that you think are really un-matched? I'm not a fan of overly matchy sibsets (e.g. same initial), but I like the names to 'belong' together somehow. One that's always glaringly stood out to me is a very Australian family with two daughters: Courtney and Natasha. Courtney is more of an American (boys'?) name to me, and Natasha is so Russian. It's always struck me as strange!
    I'm sure I'll think of some more later, but are there any that have particularly stood out to you? Purely out of interest!

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    691 sister is Sarah and I am Amity; we think it is odd. So compared to that not many sibsets strike me as strange
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    These siblings are my boyfriend's cousins. To the "untrained" ear, they sound quite pleasant together, but donning my name nerd hat I find them mismatched.

    On one hand you've got Benjamin, the timeless classic, destined to be popular (or thereabouts) for generations to come. Then you've got Kevin, which to me has had its day, and is dated on a 6-year old. And then you've got trendy, fashionable Peyton.
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    I was always bothered by how unmatched by my parents' choice was: Anthony and Megan. They don't go together at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meganjoy View Post
    I was always bothered by how unmatched by my parents' choice was: Anthony and Megan. They don't go together at all.
    Really? They sound nice together to me!

    My mom's cousin has kids named Rachel and Richard. They've always struck me as being an odd pairing.

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