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  • Mercy

    10 26.32%
  • May

    12 31.58%
  • Mary

    16 42.11%
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    I think May sounds better with Frances than with Phoebe or Tabitha. May Frances is elegant and sweet.

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    Thankyou all for your replies - I was hoping for a clear winner but at least there isn't a clear loser

    I am trying to fit my family pattern which is a religious name and a family name hence the fn+mn combos that I listed. May Frances is absolutely beautiful but is actually my grandmothers first + last name (francis actually) so it would be a little strange in my family.

    I'm actually ok with the nun problem - my family have quite the biblical set anyway and as I listed in another post I already have a Joseph. I'm Australian and we don't have the same history of calling a girl mary ... and then using the second name to call by. Here most Catholic girls in the past had Mary as their second name not the first.

    I have never met a Mamie so I'm not sure of pronunciation, it might be a good nn but I do want the religious association. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    There is a very good chance that if I use May or Mary she would be called Maisie a lot of the time, I think Mercy would get shortened to Merc (with a soft c)

    I was a little worried that Mercy may be considered trashy? I thought of the poll 'mercy upper or lower class?' LOL. There is a famous family here (for a lot of wrong reasons) with a daughter named Mercedes, a name I would otherwise have loved but completely unusable now. What do you think?

    Thanks for all of your help... I have lots of time to think but I want to start selling my hubby on my favourite now! (he's leaning towards Mary).

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    I voted for May. I think May Phoebe or May Tabitha would be excellent choices.

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    How about Mercia? (Unless you live near that area)

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    May Phoebe is breathtaking. : )
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