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    Jumping on the bandwagon! the complete set...

    Family #1-

    Shana Louise & Samuel Adam Miller are expecting for a second time this time they are welcoming a 2 more boys to the miller clan.. they would want their theme of S beginning names to continue. they want to be a little more adventurous their names this time.. Anything goes.. as long as it starts with an S! Middle name cannot start with a J,K,B,F or C! but has to 'go' with the others names and middles..

    DS: Sawyer Jack (meganlee2012)
    DD/DD:Scout Kate Miller Sidney Beth Miller (feberin)
    DS: Stellan Felix Cole (niiskuneiti)
    DS/DS: Sebastian *Sebby* Henry & Soloman * Solly* `Maxwell ( savbav)

    Family #2-

    Jennifer Emily & Stefan Arthur Johnson are expecting a girl!! they want to continue with the star/constellation names and are hoping to pick a name that can have a nickname.. the middle will be starting with a D.

    DD: Novalia Elise (wanderlux)
    DD: Phoenix Amber (mam2321)
    DS/DS: Orion Hunter & Jupiter Forest (mam2321)
    DD:Bellatrix Daisy "Bella" (meganlee2012)

    Family #3-

    Lucy Marie & Jacob Simon Harris are expecting a little boy. Short and sharp.. and middle is classical..

    DS/DS: Luca Samuel and Jude Matthew (witchpants)
    DD: Asha Caroline (misshoppy)
    DD/DD/DS: Lila Emmeline, Neva Adelaide, & Cole Sebastian(meganlee2012)
    DS: Drake Michael (lizzycsa)

    Danielle Grace & Richard Mark Walmsley are having another set of twins.. boys this time.... the letters L,R,A,V or E are not to be used as they don't want repeating letters. they would like an unpopular name.. with a cute nickname.. a middle name honoring Danielle and Richard.

    DS/DD: Logan Halifax & Reverie Ashton (mam2312)
    DD/DD:Amelia Verity & Vivienne Amity (savbav)
    DS: Elliott Sterling (niiskuneiti)
    DS/DS: Camdyn Ricky "Cam" and Arden Daniel "Ari" (hayitzsophia)


    Christa Jane Stevens & Russell David Stevens are expecting a set of triplets shocked as they were only expecting the one this time.. 2 girls & 1 boy- Christa wants to up the names to 6 letters.. and be able to have a nickname and the middle is to be a name is to be a name in the top 100 but also has to be unusual..

    DD: Aya Jodelle (shanade213 )
    DS: Noah Christopher (meganlee2012)
    DD/DS: Lydia Florence / James Denver *Florrie & JD* (mam2321)
    DD/DD/DS: Sophia Autumn, Amelia Piper, & Oliver Easton ''Fifi, Milli, & Olli'' (meganlee2012)

    Family #6-
    Sophia Mae & Charlie John Garrett are expecting again 6 years after having the quads.. they are expecting boy/girl twins. The names have to go with hunter, aphrodite, emerson, mackenzie, grayson & parker! middle names.. are 1 syllable

    DS: Hunter Apollo (mam2312)
    DD: Aphrodite Sky (lizzycsa)
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Emerson Taleah, Mackenzie Lauryn, Grayson Olyver, and Parker Tobie (hayitzsophia)
    DS/DD: Jaylen Max and Tatyana Brooke (hayitzsophia)

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