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    Funny story... My name could have been Rose Mary but my mom though it was too popular. So she kept the Mary after my great-grandmother and gave me another 'first half'... I have a double barreled name with no dash
    My 'first half' name was #141 in my year of birth but Rose was #290 and Rosemary was #506... How is that for perspective?
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    Love Rosemary! My sister has claimed it for the future (we're both name nerds!)
    It's beautiful: I think of the herb as well, which is lovely, but the name itself is just gorgeous!
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    I love it! It's so natural. It makes me think of spring gardens and thanksgiving dinners.
    We chose it for our daughter's mn. My favourite nn is Rosie! It is so adorable. I always think of Rosie Cotton from LOTR - but that's cause I'm a nerd. It has some good mythological connections too. In Catholicism & the virgin Mary was said to have laid her blue cloak down on the plant and that's why Rosemary flowers are blue. In Greek mythology it was said to be draped over Aphrodite when she rose from the sea. It used to be used it marriage ceremonies and was said to be a love charm too.
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    What about Esme for a nickname? It's a bit of a stretch, but it works if you want something a little bit sleeker.

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    Rosemary has been a favorite of mine for a long time, I like the nns Rose, Rosie, and Molly best.
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