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    Question Need suggestions and thoughts female name

    I've been back and forth with a name for my main character. She's about seventeen, eighteen years old. I haven't decide weither to make her blonde or brunette but she's very artistic, very attractive. Sticks to herself at times, Has many interest like photography for one. ( not to name a whole lot)

    I was thinking names like Isabella, Cassie, Arabella Lydia, Sophie, Rachael or maybe something less trendier like Ari. Any suggestions? I need name that will stick!

    I love Arabella / Ari though I'm not sure.
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    Arabella with a nn Ari seems to fit her well.
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    I would probably go with Sophie.

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    I like the name Arianna nn Ari for a girl with brunette hair but thats just my opinion
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    If Ari is your favourite name (judging by your sig) I wouldn't use it. I tend not to use my favourite names for my characters in case I end up doing something with the story later on and it taints the name.

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