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    Name the Babies G2R2 (by meganlee2012)

    If you've never played, the rules are simple. I will post 6 fictional families that are expecting children. Given the criteria, you must name the baby/babies in each round. At the end of each round, I will pick the best name(s) from the contestants for each family. A new round will be started with the names chosen. Have fun!

    Family #1

    Amelia Kaye Stewart married Ash Randolph King. They are expecting another girl, who will join big sister Ayla. Her first name should start with an A, just like her parents & sister. Amelia & Ash would like to continue the color middle name theme, & give have her middle name also be a color.

    DD: Ayla Sapphire [shanade213]

    Family #2

    Lorelei Jasmine Carter married Isaiah James Stewart. They are expecting their first daughter, who will join big brother Liam. Lorelei wants her first name to be a classic name, with a cute nickname. Isaiah wants her middle name to be after Lorelei's mom, Camille Rose.

    DS: William Paul "Liam" [hayitzsophia]

    Family #3

    Avery Scarlett Campbell married Maxfield Wyatt Carter. They are ecstatic to be expecting boy/girl twins, who will join big sister Evie. Maxfield wants their first names to be uncommon, just like his, as he loves how his name is different. He also wants them to have a cute nickname, just like Evie's. Avery wants their middle names to be in the top 100, to balance out their first names.

    DD: Evelina Madison "Evie" [oboeplayer1]

    Family #4

    Marina Bay Samantha King married Owen Larson Brown. They are expecting their second baby boy, who will join big brother Bennett. They want his first name to also have double letters in it. (Like Kelly or Maddox). He should have two middle names, one that is 3 letters, & one that starts with B.

    DS: Bennett Wes Logan [wanderlux]

    Family #5

    Presley Celeste Young married Jordan Elijah Campbell. They are thrilled to be expecting a set of boy/girl twins, who will join big sister Paysleigh. Their first names should be known, but should have a creative spelling. Presley & Jordan want their middle names to be biblical.

    DD: Paysleigh Delilah [whitefeather01]

    Family #6

    Lyla Parker Brown married Graham Michael Young. They are proud to announce that they are expecting another boy, who will join big brother Denver. Lyla wants his first name to also be a place name, but it should not start with D. Graham wants his middle name to be a prince name.

    DS: Denver William [mam2321]
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