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    Does Popularity of a Name Matter to You?

    Popularity used to really bother me, but I'm finding myself falling for names like Amelia, Isabelle, Lily, etc. Does popularity cause an issue for you? I always used to hate it, because I became one of 4 girls with my name, a Hailey, 2 Hayley's and me, Haley. We all became labelled, by either our last initial (although Hailey + 1 Hayley shared a last initial, so they became big Hailey and little Hayley, they virtually looked the same minus size), hair colour, or another distinct trait. (I became blonde Haley, tall Haley or Haley S.)

    Also, in my classes, there were 5 Sarah's (in 1 class at the same time), 3 Jessica's (in 1 class), 3 Tyler's (in 1 class), and god knows how many different forms of Kaitlyn.

    I'm still torn on the popularity issue, I'd hate for my kids to have the initial problems, but I love a lot of popular names.

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    I'm the same way. I have one of the top 5 names from the year I was born and I always hated being one of many girls in class/school with the same name. I hated being forced to use a nickname or even worse a nickname with my last name initial. Now that I'm older it bothers me a lot less. I haven't run into a woman with the same name as me in quite a while and the popularity of my name makes it easy to recognize and spell.

    When I was a teenager and name-obsessed all I could think about was naming my kids something totally unique and different so they would never deal with the same issues I did when I was in school. Over the years I've softened and really fell in love with a lot of classic, traditional names. Our naming style now is a more traditional first name with a more unique and uncommon middle name.

    The bigger issue I have is picking a name that makes sense in multiple languages. A lot of the more obscure, unique names talked about on Nameberry just don't work outside of English. For example, I love the name Bryony, but there's no way that name could work in German and I don't want to doom my child to a lifetime of misspelling and mispronunciation. Many of the classic and popular names are recognizable and familiar world-wide.

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    I love the names Isabella and Sophia. However the popularity thing does bother me to some extent in that the girls (that I knew in highschool) with unique names seemed to shine and embrace themselves as different and stood out of the crowd. All the people with popular names seemed to blend in.
    So whilst I do love these names, if I could find a more unique name with the qualities I like... I would use it.

    This may not be the same for everyone, this was just my experience.

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    I thought that it didnt matter to me with the name Isabella. It was the first name I love and I was sure that it was going to be my first daughter's name. But right now I feel it isnt special enough. She will going to share the same name with hundreds of girls and I dont like it. I believe that the person makes any name unique but I think having an unusual name helps you to stand out.

    I'am definitely not against popular names but I wouldn't like have one.

    I must sound pretty crazy right now, dont I? Anyway sorry for the confuse paragraph .

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    I know it really shouldn't bother me, but it's actually a large factor for me. I have a really uncommon name (it's not even in the top 1000), and I've always loved that. (My siblings' names are both outside the top 1000 too). My names don't have to be outside the top 1000, but definitely outside the top 100 and even (preferably) outside the top 500. It's made me cross off a couple of favourites; e.g. Matilda (#18 here in Australia!)
    There's (usually) a good reason that a name is in the top 10 though: Isabella is simply beautiful, and a lot of people recognise that.

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