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    NEED your advice!

    I'm due any day and need real advice on selecting a boys name. I have total name apathy except I have a ton of "rules". I don't know exActly what I like but I know exactly what I don't.

    1. Can't start with M. My daughter's name starts with M (Maren), as welll as our last name - 2 syllables

    2. Can't end in the "E" sound. ie Cody,

    3. Nothing popular (Aiden), unisex (Avery), traditional (Nathan, Zachary) or religious.

    I really like ethnic sounding names. We are Norwegian, all of us are tall/blonde/blue. Most Norwegian sounds are awkward.

    I love Rafael but it does not match our heritage. Same with Zion. Funny because they are both religious in origin.

    Here is my current list (in no particular order):

    1. Eero
    Will people say this correctly? Like Arrow?

    2. Bram
    Again, will people say it correctly? Like Brahm.

    3. Johan
    No one seems to like this one.

    4. Von
    Is it too short?

    5. Boden
    Popular clothing line in Europe.

    6. Nash
    Too American sounding?

    7. Dagr
    Too Norwegian sounding?

    8. Atlas

    9. Endre
    I like it with the E but hate it with an A. By sound everyone will assume its with an A.

    I am open to breaking a rule for the right name. What are your thoughts? I feel lost. Are there any good names on this list? Which would you chose, if any?


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    Out of your list I like:

    Eero - I think the pronounciation is rather intuitive but I'm sure some people will struggle with it
    Von - though I prefer the Vaughn spelling
    Boden - you might also like Bowen, Bowden, or Bowman
    Nash - being American I'm not exactly sure what "too American" sounds like, but I find Nash rather dashing in a roguish way
    Atlas - LOVE Atlas

    I'm not at all a fan of Johan, Dagr, or Endre. How do you feel about Viggo, Soren, Luka, Ronan, Rohan, or Liev? Sorry if those aren't at all what you're looking for... Good luck!

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    I like the Vaughn spelling too but it is Welsh for small. Von is Norse for hope. Much better! I feel like I can find a problem with any name, which is why this naming process has been so hard. I've made more progress today than I have had in the last 3 years. I really just want a good maybe list for when he arrives. We will chose something then. I wish my husband had more of an opinion. It's not that we don't agree on names, it's that nothing seems to excite us like our daughters name. Your suggestions are great!

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    i am assuming you live in an English-speaking country?

    i had Von on my almost-short list. love it. for something longer, i considered Vonin. both are Icelandic for hope, which might be a bit cheesy to Icelandic ears - but pronounceable in English and certainly beautiful.

    i would like Dagr if spelled Dagur - makes it pronounceable (also, Icelandic again). sometimes adjusting a foreign spelling a little bit is all you need to make it usable in English.

    i like Endre, just like it is. beautiful!

    Eero, i think, people would pronounce EE-roh in English. if it's actually pronounced like Arrow, i think it would need adjusted spelling if you wanted to avoid confusion..

    Bram is easy to correct in pronunciation, if people don't pronounce it like Brahm right away.

    Nash strikes me as a Western, Cowboyish name. does not sound Norwegian to me?

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    I love Eero! I can't use it, but I wish I could. They may be some correcting he'll have to do when people say his name, but I think that happens a lot for a lot of names and shouldn't be a deterrent. At least, I've always had to correct spelling and/or pronunciation of my first and last name (which I always thought were pretty easy), but it's never bothered me - I actually always thought it was funny (but that may just be me).

    I also love Von on your list!
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