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    NEED your advice!

    I'm due any day and need real advice on selecting a boys name. I have total name apathy except I have a ton of "rules". I don't know exActly what I like but I know exactly what I don't.

    1. Can't start with M. My daughter's name starts with M (Maren), as welll as our last name - 2 syllables

    2. Can't end in the "E" sound. ie Cody,

    3. Nothing popular (Aiden), unisex (Avery), traditional (Nathan, Zachary) or religious.

    I really like ethnic sounding names. We are Norwegian, all of us are tall/blonde/blue. Most Norwegian sounds are awkward.

    I love Rafael but it does not match our heritage. Same with Zion. Funny because they are both religious in origin.

    Here is my current list (in no particular order):

    1. Eero
    Will people say this correctly? Like Arrow?

    2. Bram
    Again, will people say it correctly? Like Brahm.

    3. Johan
    No one seems to like this one.

    4. Von
    Is it too short?

    5. Boden
    Popular clothing line in Europe.

    6. Nash
    Too American sounding?

    7. Dagr
    Too Norwegian sounding?

    8. Atlas

    9. Endre
    I like it with the E but hate it with an A. By sound everyone will assume its with an A.

    I am open to breaking a rule for the right name. What are your thoughts? I feel lost. Are there any good names on this list? Which would you chose, if any?


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