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    Fresh ideas for baby girl coming soon

    Hi berries, we are expecting soon and I still don't feel like we have found the one...starting to worry a little bit babe will be nameless! So thought I'd put it out there again to get even more ideas.
    Main criteria (which are difficult to meet at once) are
    1. A name that is real, not too out there and has history
    2. Spunky but will age with the person
    3. Nothing hugely popular at the moment
    4. If it has multiple syllables a cool, logical nickname would be good

    Thanks again for your thoughts

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    A few of my suggestions are...

    Artemis. A name with history, rarely used, nicknames for when she's younger can be Arti, Missy, or Emma.

    Ingrid. Used often in the 1900's, seems classic, sweet, spunky, not that popular. I know a girl named Ingrid that goes by Id and

    Finola. Name with irish background, off the grid, sweet and professional enough sounding. Classic enough not to need a nickname

    Estelle/Estella. timeless , nicknames Ella, Ellie, elle, not that popular, Estelle is the first born to the royals of Sweden. Means star.

    Calista/Calixta. Means beautiful, from ancient Greek, not in the top 1000, nicknames Callie and Cal.

    Matilda. Spunky but cute, wearable and timeless, not that popular, nicknames, Tilly, Tilda, and Mattie. Means strong.

    Seraphina. timeless, nicknames sera, phina, Ser, off the grid, biblical, if you think it won't age sera is a great nickname that will age, biblical name.

    Geneva. Beautiful, nickname Eva or Gen (Pronounced Jen), off the grid, means Juniper, I love this because it's technically a plant name but there's a city in Switzerland plus it's so underused and the two nicknames are amazing.

    Well good luck finding the perfect name and congratulations on your little one! I hope I helped

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    Georgia, Harper, Kitty as the NN of Katherine, Margaret- and Lourdes is pretty modern. Also, Coraline with the NN of Cora.
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