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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    I'm back! My daughter, Persephone, so far about half they people I've met with her (and they're all over 50 who do this) look at me weird and go "Perstephanie?" And I give them this face -_- and say "No, that's not a name. Persephone, it rhymes with Stephanie. It's like Stephanie without the T" -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I'm a Mary. Not a lot you can do to that. But I am emphatically NOT Mary Ann..I am Mary AnnA, and it annoys the flakes off me to hear people call me Mary Ann, when they can see the "A" at the end. Seriously,'s about as basic and simple as it can get!

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    I'm a Sophie, and I've got Sophia a few times - um, no, that's not my name. E not an A on the end. I've also had Chloe and Zoe before, and someone that thought I said Stephy when I was registering for something - so they wrote Stephanie on the form.

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    You'd be amazed how often this happens:

    "Quinn, right?" "Nope. It's Gwen." "Gwin?" "No, Gwen."

    And while my name does sound like "Gwin" in a Southern accent, I don't have anything resembling a Southern accent and I always hit the E. I've also had people mistake my name (on paper) for "Given." Nope, I'm actually not a 17th century Puritan.

    And then there's my last name. Irish O' names often have a hard time of it. I never know whether they want the apostrophe or not on forms, and people always forget to capitalize the second letter. At least 3 of the colleges I applied to told me they were missing my records and I hadn't applied--when in fact I had, but they had different parts of my application filed under O' and O. It's a pain.
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    My name is Faith and sometimes when I introduce myself to little kids they think that my name is Fake. Also, my grandpa has a Danish accent and he calls me Fate.

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