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    My sister is named Chloe which was not popular when we were kids so she would get called all sorts of crazy things like clay-ee, ch-low, ch-low-ee, or my favorite she claims someone once called her c-hole.

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    As a Caitlin, I get Catherine, Kayla, and Katie a lot, but I've also had people just call me by the flat-out wrong name. The worst was in elementary school, because my best friend was a Kathryne, but even now I get called everything from Shelby to Anna. As far as actual mispronunciations, I've gotten Cat-lin a lot.
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    My name is Lyndsey Rose, the only mispronounciations I've gotten is Indsey by someone with an accent. People mistook Lyndsey all the time for Lizzy, Leslie, Lucy, Lacey, Lisa. Rose they often hear as Rosie.
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    My name is Tara, but with moving to another country I have noticed when I introduce myself I get a lot of people thinking that my name is Cara/Clara? As for spellings my name has ended up being up being spelt Tarrah, Taragh and Tera, even Tara-Leigh (because my surname begins with Le) In school I got called Ria a lot by teachers because a friend looked like me apparently, she got called Tara a lot back though. I've also been called Taya at a past job.

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    I'm an Alyssa and have gotten called sooo many other things. Some people, many teachers or new people I meet, hear "Alyson". I've also commonly get called Ashley, Anna, Alexandra, Alice, Lizzy, Lucy, Lilly, and a lot of other A, L, or similar names. Weirdest ones thus far have been Altissa (All-tiss-ah), Dani (a sub seen my middle name on the roster...Danielle, and shortened it), and Callista.

    Other mispronunications of other people's names I noticed at my old school:

    Shannon gets called "Shinin" (Shine-in').
    Bethany gets "Beth-AWN-y"
    Lucas gets "Lewis".
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