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    When I went in to primary school, and still was called Elizabeth, my teacher would call me Cecilie after another girl in class! And he kept doing it for the an entire year!
    Then I had a teacher that couldn't be bothered with having two girl with almost the same name. So he named me Maja. Elizabeth = Maja?
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    My name is Anna ... you would think its popular enough for everyone to know how to spell it ... expect of course for the ppl in starbucks they somehow never heard of this name and call me Enna all the time...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    I'm Angel. My whole life almost every time I introduce myself to someone they go "Oh Angela" and I'm already shaking my head. "No, it's just Angel."
    Then I get a weird look. "But isn't it short for Angela?" "No, it's just Angel." Then they usually immediately start trying to call me Angie.
    This is interesting. My Angel, who really is an Angela, will just introduce herself as Angel and - as far as I know - no one questions her over it. She's in Ohio.

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    Oh the joys of being a Dina. I get Dinah--- a lot. It's just dee-nah. We won't even go into how people spell it.
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    I'm "Christina" and all my life people have been calling me "Christine". When I was little I used to correct people and some would get really offended for some reason and continue to call me Christine. Finally I just gave up. My employers who I've been working for for over a year still call me Christine on occasion. I loathe my name already, and it irritates me to know end when people butcher it even more.
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