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    I'm an Ebony top 100 in Australia since I was born but I always get Emily or Emma. Seriously Ebony to Emma its highly annoying. My sister has a quite unusual name Adele yet people get it right all the time.
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    My mom, Kelly, gets Helen all the time at Starbucks. Not just once or twice, but nearly 80% of the time. And she doesn't have an accent.

    My first name, Reine, has some weird ones. I get Ree-Ann quite often (actually second to Renee and Rain). Um, my name doesn't have an A in it...

    I know a Kylah who gets Kayla; a Kylie that gets Kaylee; a Cayenne who gets Cheyanne; Markeisha who got Mackenzie (No joke!); an Aurelia who gets Ariella; a Tanajah who gets Tawn-uh-shuh, and a heck of a lot more.
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    I'm Angel. My whole life almost every time I introduce myself to someone they go "Oh Angela" and I'm already shaking my head. "No, it's just Angel."
    Then I get a weird look. "But isn't it short for Angela?" "No, it's just Angel." Then they usually immediately start trying to call me Angie.
    I once had a sub in high school who, and I am not kidding, spent half a class arguing with me about my own name. She insisted I was Angela and that it was a typo on the list. She went so far as to tell me I didn't know my own name and that no one would be dumb enough to name someone just Angel because it wasn't a real name.
    I had this same conversation in college with my first German teacher who had moved from Germany not that long ago but it was more like "You know Angel isn't a real name in Germany. Your mother wouldn't have been allowed to name you that. It would have had to be Angela since that's a proper name."
    I also had a "Angel? Not Angela? Is that your birth name?" conversation in college.

    I've also been called April WAY more than you would think. I've also been called Ashley a few times. As a matter of fact, April is what people tend to say when they've only just met me and can't be bothered to remember Angel 5 minutes later. After 3 years at the daycare my boss was still calling me April sometimes and my husbands grandparents called me April the entire 5 years we dated. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    As a Jemima, I get 'Jemma' a LOT. There's a whole syllable that people are missing! And the spellings can be truly atrocious. I've had Jemma millions of times, but also Jemimah, Gemima, Jemymah... it's horrible!
    I've taken to introducing myself as 'Jemima, like the puddle duck'; or 'Jemima, like the doll on PlaySchool' and then people get it right 95% of the time, which is nice!
    My twin sister Gretel gets a lot of 'Greta's; and also some interesting spellings. Grettle (like kettle I suppose), Gretal, and Gretyl, to name a few. She now sometimes introduces herself, 'Gretel, like Hansel and Gretel'. We have very story-book names! I love it though; I would never change my name.

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    When I was a kid I had a ballet teacher who always insisted on calling me Kelly. My name is Robin.

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