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    Twin Brothers for Weston

    We're expecting twin boys around the New Year.

    Our son Weston Christopher Jones is 5 years old. He is very excited for 2 little brothers.

    Our naming rules:
    1. family middle name
    2. cannot be super popular
    3. easy to say and spell (my in-laws have issues. My MiL destroyed Griffin when it was a contender for Weston.)

    My husband's favorite boy's name is Keegan. Mine is Sebastian. And we both like each other's choices, but only after 5 years of waiting.

    So, here's our current list, please let us know your thoughts, or any names that fall into the First name criteria that we may have missed.

    Pretty sure that Baby A is going to be Keegan Nathaniel. I keep going back to Sebastian Miller... our faves as firsts, then the opposites family names as middles. And I like that both have the same letter count. (Obscure quirk, I know.)

    Firsts (the Short List):
    Landon (so popular!)
    Asher (gaining popularity)

    Nathaniel (after my brother Nathan)
    Miller (husband's mom's maiden name- this is the side that raised him and is a big part of our lives)
    Damon (my middle name)
    William (my favorite uncle, his not-so-decent father)
    Samuel (long-used family name on my side)
    James/Jameson (my grandfather) hard to use with Jones.

    I'd really like for all 3 boys' names to sound good together, as siblings, they will get put together a lot. I was actually writing xmas cards as a way to see how they looked and sounded out loud.

    thanks for your help!
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    I love love Sebastian. Love the Miller as a way to honor. Not too crazy about the three together as a sibset... I feel like Keegan and Weston seem like the twins, and Sebastian their slightly exotic brother. But honestly, I think that is just me nitpicking because I can't see Sebastian without saying it in Spanish (án/#es ) which probably wouldn't be how you'd say it.

    Do you plan on a nn for Keegan and do you have a nn for Weston? They don't really lend themselves to nn, and Sebastian definitely does!

    Rambling aside, I think Keegan Nathaniel (love Nathaniel, btw, and the meaning), Sebastian Miller, and Weston Christopher are a very handsome sib-set!
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    I like Sebastian with Keegan and Weston. Of all your choices, I really like Kellen as well, but Keegan and Kellen is too much, especially for twins.

    Sebastian Miller is great, and I like Sebastian William as well. (Though then your letter count will be off. :-) )
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    So happy for you!

    From your list, Weston and Asher, Keegan, Kellen, Landon are most compatible.

    If the choice were mine ...

    1. Weston Christopher

    2. Carter Benjamin / Colby Nathaniel / Cole Benjamin / Sawyer Benjamin

    3. Emmett Nathaniel / Everett Nathaniel / Wyatt Benjamin

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    I love Weston Christopher!
    I love Kellan best with Weston. I think it has the same feel as Weston, where as Keegan is a bit more trendy feeling. I actually like Egan, which is maybe why I don't like Keegan as much.
    On the other hand Keegan and Sebastian sound better than Sebastian and Kellan IMO. Sebastian is a bit out of place, but I love an interesting and thought provoking (yet amazing) sibset- and this one definitely qualifies.

    I definitely like Keegan Nathaniel and Sebastian Miller as is. The middle names seem to fit, and give the names a feeling of balance.
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