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    I always attempt to say everything in an English accent, anyway.

    I like Lena best, too. Lena Porter sounds fab, as does Eleanor Porter, and Lena feels unexpected yet feminine; sweet but strong. She has backbone, but she's super sweet and girly. I think it's great. I've thought of trying to get away with being Ashley "Lena", too (which is a much larger stretch, but one of my former bosses used to call me Ashelina all the time, haha, so I figure maybe I could get away with it).

    I don't know; there's just something about Lana Porter when I try and say it with an English accent. It doesn't sound as fluid as Ellia, Lena, or Leah. I really don't find Leah that much of a stretch--I find Ellia more of a stretch than Leah. You're just adding an "H" and pronouncing it differently--not that much different from an Evelyn (EV-eh-lin/EV-lin) going by Evie (EE-vee). I think Elle, Laney/Lane (I've heard of an Eleanor nn Laney, although it does seem a bit of a stretch), Elina (if you can get Ellie, Lena, and Ellia, why not Elina?), Eleni (eh-LEN-ee), Leni (LEN-ee), Nora, Norrie (I never really appreciated it until I saw a cute-as-a-button teenage Eleanor nn Norrie on a TV show I've been watching this summer! Nell could work, too. But besides Ella, Lena is by far my favorite nn for Eleanor; I think it's smashing. I would love to meet an Eleanor Porter nn Lena!

    Do any of these suit you more than others? I feel like since you feel like you're not an Ellie or a Eleanor, then you should 1, go for something you love, and 2, go for something that suits you. When I had considered changing my name to Eleanor a year or two ago, I loved that the full name suited me, but no matter how much I adored the nn Ella, I knew it didn't suit me, so I kept looking for a nn that I felt suited me more (which I found in Lena). How would people say Lena in Britain? Here it's pretty universally said as Lee-nah--at least, in my experience--but I suppose it could be different there?

    Good luck!
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    From your list, I like Lena best. I also thought the suggestions of Elle and Nell were wonderful.

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    From your list, I really really like Lena. But I also really like the suggestion of Nell. But it's all really up to, will you respond to the name if you are called it.
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