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    Last Name issue- how bad is this

    I have a hard time with boy names. Our favorite at the moment is Hayes but our last name is two syllables and ends in S... on a scale of 1-10, how bad would that be? Miles Davis did it but his doesn't bother me quite so much...

    Also, most likely Hayes would be the middle name officially with an honor name in front. So his legal name wouldn't have this issue.
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    Well, it's really hard to say because it really depends on the actual names.

    Hayes Hummus sounds horrific
    Hayes Titus sounds fine
    Hayes Davis sounds all right

    Generally, I think if the first letter has a crisp sound and the s is sharp rather than z like (the way Hayes/haze is) it should be fine.
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    Given that Hayes is a monosyllable and your last name has two syllables, I think it's fine.

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    (first) Hayes (2,syllable/ends with -S)?

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. I hope the first name doesn't end with H nor the last name begin with S.

    2. With a ?-1-2 syllable count, I hope the first name has 3 syllables or more and doesn't have 1 or 2 syllables to keep it from being monotone.

    3. Distinctively boy's name not a last or word name. Hayes is kind of unisex and definitely a last name. With a first such as Taylor Hayes (last name), it would seem more like a law firm and the gender would be hard to guess just by reading the name.

    4. Initials hopefully don't spell anything. Let the AHA acronym pass along with others that could be a word or even pronounceable.
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    I'm on the fence about the last name, but it's the first name I have problems with. It is an uncommon name, and it sounds like Haze. I'm not sure if this will lead to confusion. I don't generally like last names as first names either. Do you have any other contenders?

    Sorry for the negativity.
    All the best on your name-search!

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