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    Zenobia, my favorite hands-down!

    I love...
    Zenobia Blodeuwedd Noor
    Zenobia Terpsichore Yvaine
    Zenobia Melanthe Hespera (has a beautiful, dark-haired and big-eyed image to me)
    Zenobia Melusine Terpsichore
    Zenobia Daphne Terpsichore
    Zenobia Daphne Hespera

    I really love Daphne with Zenobia, and I think the best Blodeuwedd combo is Zenobia Daphne Blodeuwedd. Best of luck!
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    Noetje; haha, yeah, well they are gorgeous!

    Dina; I wish I had that gift myself! Daphne is lovely with Zenobia, I absolutely agree with you on that one!

    Twinsie; yeah, the Welsh uses a lot of weirdo clunky letter don't they. Yay, thank you! Sessha mine likes Zenobia now! I feel like dancing, but too tired... witchy mojo, I like that! Yeah, Titania is a May Queen as well, which is why she's included. I adore this name, and it was on our first list for a while. Shakespeare, she's one of the coolest ladies he wrote, I love Anita Louise's portrayal in the movie, she's in Gaiman's The Books of Magic, it's a moon. Maybe it's prettier... I don't know. Zenobia Daphne Titania is most certainly beautiful. From your suggestions I love Zenobia Melanthe Terpsichore, Zenobia Daphne Melanthe, Zenobia Melanthe Titania, Zenobia Chrysante Vivendel and Zenobia Xanthe Vivendel. I really like Xanthe with Zenobia!

    Vixen; Glad you like the imagery. I love Zenobia Natasha Terpsichore, Zenobia Hespera Yvaine, Zenobia Elentari Titania, Zenobia Blodeuwedd Hespera... all so beautiful. Freyja isn't necessarily tied to Gwenllian, but she does not fit with Zenobia. I tried, but nope. Freyja's so very woodsy to me. She can go with Cleo and Nimue, but not Zenobia. Thanks for the suggestion though, sweetie!

    Namelover; thank you! All great names you've got there. Daphne does sound good with Zenobia, so very true!
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    You are welcome. So Freyja is woodsy and Zen - flowery? Ok, now I see your point, sorry for the silly idea then.

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    Ottilie, that's such beautiful imagery it makes me love Zenobia even more! I could totally imagine you with a nature girl like that, living in the country.

    I do find Blodeuwedd very heavy and not too visually appealing- the "blod" part makes me think of blood.

    Zenobia Melanthe and oh, Zenobia Hespera! go really well together. Here are some more suggestions, pulling from old lists:

    Zenobia Hespera Melanthe
    Zenobia Terpsichore Yvaine
    Zenobia Cissea Yvaine
    Zenobia Elentari Cressida
    Zenobia Cissea Titania (too many A sounds?)
    Zenobia Melusine Eimyrja
    Zenobia Boadicea Artemis (are Artemis and Aphrodite too much for one sibset?)
    Zenobia Cressida Blodeuwedd (this actually seems to go nicely)

    P.S. I love the combos you've got for Cleopatra, Gwenllian and Isolde already. Not necessarily my favourite names but they go really well together!
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    Luna L. is the best. My brothers actually sent me Luna Lovegood stickers the other day--on a drawing of an elephant seal. They're so thoughtful.

    How is it heavy? It just is. Sessha explained it pretty well. I think it's the "blod" part, mostly. It just sounds kinda bleh (in an American accent, anyway.) And with the meaning it feels a bit shallow. The May Day connection is rather adorable, though. I'd be tempted to just stick May in there somewhere.

    Zenobia Honey Hespera is too precious! I think Loveday has a sort of equivalent vibe to Honey-- Zenobia Hespera Loveday, maybe?

    And yeah, I figured the watery names would veer into Ophelia painting territory a bit, but -ine endings sound good with Zenobia and are so cute.

    Glad Daphne Titania is getting so much love. I adore Sessha's suggestion of Zenobia Melanthe Titania as well; it sounds so regal.

    And it's funny that you threw in Bird of the Summer--I actually thought of Blow Away when I read your imagery.
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