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    Quirky Zenobia and the Flowers

    We're skipping M and N for now and jumping to the end of the alphabet and to my darling Zenobia!

    Zenobia's my little miss quirky. She's the May Queen surrounded by happiness, laughter, life and flowers, she's an adventurer, an eccentric, someone who knows herself and is happy with who she is. Lush green spring forests, pathways, honeysuckle, meadowsweet, roses. I imagine someone who brings a drawing pad and her little pencils wherever she goes; out in the forest, up in the trees, out in her boat. Zenobia's used to scratched knees and patchy jeans, she's a little forest sprite, stubborn and delightful. She's an explorer of anything and everything, building tree houses, rescuing animals. She's throwing amazing tea parties for all her little dolls and cuddlies, has elaborate sleepovers in tents in the sitting room. Face painting, faery wings, tutus and roller skates. She feels like a garden girl, someone reading books hanging upside down in the hammock, having endless picnics on rugs, someone with green fingers. I imagine someone kind and understanding, someone who takes care of people and brings them to life, takes less fortunate people under her wings and heals and protects them.

    Nicknames: Bee, Bia, Zoe, Zen.

    Names I like with Zenobia:
    Blodeuwedd (blod-AY-weTH)
    Cissea (sis-EE-uh)
    Eimyrja (AY-moor-ya)
    Elentári (el-en-TAH-ree)
    Hespera (HES-puh-rah)
    Melanthe (mel-AN-thee)
    Terpsichore (terp-SI-kaw-ree)
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh)

    Combos we're trying on:
    Zenobia Melanthe Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Natasha Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Eimyrja Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Hespera Blodeuwedd

    As you can see, we're pretty set on Blodeuwedd. She was the Goddess of the late spring in Welsh mythology, the first May Queen. She was fashioned from flowers from meadowsweet, oak and broom by Gwydion and Math (magicians), married to Lleu the May King. Lleu turned her into an owl when she cheated on and tried to kill him. her name means "flowers/blossom" and "appearance/look/face".

    Sights & Sounds:
    one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight (sound)

    So go nuts! Suggest names, suggest combos, feel free to ignore Blodeuwedd even though we love her...
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Of the combos that you are trying I particularly like: Zenobia Hespera Blodeuwedd and Zenobia Natasha Blodeuwedd

    Other Suggestions
    Zenobia Daphne Hespera
    Zenobia Titania Yvaine
    Zenobia Titania Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Natasha Melanthe
    Zenobia Cissea Blodeuwedd

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    Zenobia is gorgeous with Aphrodite. She's a strong but quirky lady! I'm not a fan of Blodeuwedd (I think it may be the Blod part that I find heavy) but of your four combos I think Zenobia Melanthe Blodeuwedd flows well. I think I like the shorter names (Daphne and Yvaine) breaking up the length of the combo. I also love Elentari even if it is longish.

    Zenobia Yvaine Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Daphne Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Elentari Blodeuwedd
    All the best,

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    Love the description! I hope this one's your girl. Not a fan of Blodeuwedd, though. I'm sure she's a lovely namesake, but she's not particularly pleasing to the eye.

    I like:
    Zenobia Daphne Yvaine
    Zenobia Natasha Yvaine
    Zenobia Melanthe Hespera
    Zenobia Melanthe Yvaine
    Zenobia Natasha Terpsichore

    I think my favourite is Zenobia Elentari Yvaine.

    ETA: re-read your post. She's not even a lovely namesake! Adulteress and would-be murderer...
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    Oh wonderfully delicious Zenobia! That song is so perfect!

    I love Zenobia Melanthe Blodeuwedd. I feel like Cissea and Daphne give me the same feel as what you've described.

    Zenobia Elentari Blodeuwedd , combined with the surname Roo has would give you Zebe, which is beyond precious and a perfect nn. (Said zeebee, of course, not Zeeeb). Could totally be a moot point as I think you mentioned Husband and you choosing a new surname. This might be my favorite, as I love when initials spell a cute nn.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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