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    Oooh replies!

    tucker; your combos are all gorgeous! I like Zenobia Natasha Melanthe and Zenobia Cissea Blodeuwedd in particular. Thank you so much!

    mischa; thanks, I think they sound pretty great together too! You think Blodeuwedd's heavy? It feels like putting your face into a bunch of beautiful flowers to me... I love all three of your combos, they're gorgeous. I really like the Daphne one, Daphne's so sweet and kind.

    rmclay; ah, no Blodeuwedd love here either. I think it's so breathtaking, maybe it's a Brit thing. Hmm. Well, she had faults but who doesn't? I like the fact that she's so associated with flowers and the hauntingly beautiful owl. Of your combos I love Zenobia Natasha Terpsichore and Zenobia Melanthe Hespera. Thanks!

    Dina; It is perfect isn't it? I could've put up something by Florence + the Machine as well, but this song kind of embodies it all. With "new" surname it would be Zeble, which is pretty cute too, right? Thanks for your opinions, they're always valued. And thanks for the nickname idea Zoe again, even though you mentioned that one a long time ago.

    Lonestar; haha, well, I love Luna Lovegood, not a bad thing at all! One more Blod hater. I don't see it as heavy at all, so weird. Zenobia Elentari Yvaine and Zenobia Cissea Melanthe are delicious! No such thing as an unhappy Daphne... I think the original one was, being chased by the God Apollo and turned into bay laurel to escape rape. But apart from that I agree.

    Cio; Melanthe means "black", it comes from a Greek mythological figure, a descendant of Heracles and king of Athens. Oh, Zenobia Blodeuwedd Yvaine. Moonflower harvest on starry night, wow. Love this. Ehm, a bit of each? I do read a lot, but I'm also a notorious note taker. If I read a name in a book I'll write it on a note or sometimes in my notebook, and hopefully I'll find it again. I do have the best namebook in the world as well, which makes it easier, K.M. Sheard's Complete Book of Names: for Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Mages, Shamans & Independent Thinkers of All Sort Who Are Curious About Names from Every Place and Every Time. It's got a lot of my favourite names in it, but it's missing a lot too.

    Amy; Yeah, I'm pretty sure there'll be four combos awaiting me. And, behold, I was right! Your combos are all stunning, Zenobia Melanthe Natasha, Zenobia Elentari Cissea and Zenobia Daphne Terpsichore are my favourites! Thank you so much my darling!! You think she needs a "normal" name? We decided we didn't mind, Zenobia's easy to spell and is a bit obscure, not in your face like Dita's name, so I hoped I could get away with weirdo names in the middle! Haha. Yes, Daphne and Zenobia fits together rather perfectly, and it would be a "multi-purpose" name like Marian is.

    Averella; Thank you! I think that one's rather spectacular myself, if I may say so . Okay, let me look at your combos. So many gorgeous ones! Zenobia Astrid Blodeuwedd, Zenobia Cissea Melanthe and Zenobia Melanthe Titania are my favourites.

    Gwen; Haha, yes, she's a bit of a Luna. Luna's adorable though, so amazing. Again with the heavy, blod-ay-weth, how's that heavy? It's not like it's blood. It's short and soft. You don't like flower face? I think that's so cute. Mr. Otter is rejecting these things as first names. he knows how important Blodeuwedd is to me, and we kind of got together on May Day. Pandora's on our list for Nimue too. Utterly silly and floaty! How lovely. Zenobia Daphne Blodeuwedd and Zenobia Cissea Blodeuwedd are both lovely. And more silliness... you know, I had Zenobia Honey Hespera on my list for the longest time. Ah, gorgeous combos. Zenobia Daphne Titania, Zenobia Hespera Melanthe, Zenobia Elentari Eimyrja, Zenobia Natasha Loveday and Zenobia Hespera Psyche are all stunning! Thank you so much. I also like the ones with Ondine and Melusine, but then they become all watery and less flower garden like.

    Muffsie; yay for Zenobia love! Oh look at what you did... Zenobia Giselle Terpsichore, Zenobia Melanthe Giselle, Zenobia Elentari Jasmine and Zenobia Cressida Artemis are all amazing beauts! Thank you so very much, sweet pea!

    Elja; Haha, yeah, I couldn't wait. She's quickly becoming my favourite. That song is lovely, a love song to København. I've been playing it a lot now. I'm glad you like Zenobia Eimyrja Blodeuwedd, I like it so very much too. All your combos are gorgeous, I love Zenobia Hespera Eimyrja and Zenobia Blodeuwedd Elentari so much. And now with added names... Ingrid does sound amazing with Zenobia (as you know I always swoon at that combo in your signature!), and it's one of those ultimate Scandinavian names. And Undomiel is rather perfect! Zenobia Daphne Undomiel, Zenobia Eimyrja Undomiel, Zenobia Eyja Melanthe (how adorable is Eyja?), Zenobia Ingrid Melanthe and Zenobia Ingrid Blodeuwedd are all over the moon fantastic! Good job, sweetie!

    Lexie; oh no! Stupid meanie sharp knife. I cut myself a lot too, my hands are badly scared from cooking injuries. Hope it heels well, my sweet!

    Sorcie; Ooh, I like Zenobia Inanna Callisto, Zenobia Ishtar Alena, Zenobia Daphne Ellisiv and Zenobia Melusine Astrid so much. Melusine doesn't feel right with Zenobia to me though, but it's beautiful all the same. Thank you!!
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    Zenobia Titania Elentári or maybe Zenobia Elentári Titania.

    Here.. done. You won't even have to look at the rest. ;-)

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    Ottille-- Zoe for Zenobia was me! I had forgotten! They only Zenobia I know (and the reason I like the name now!) is called Zoe by her friends. And you know how I feel about Zoe!

    Zeble is cute too! I must say that Zenobia Daphne _____ is quite beautiful as well. Daphne is like a breath of fresh air. I wish I had the combo gift!
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    Despite your lovely pronunciation guide, I find Blodeuwedd quite impossible to say. My hopelessly American brain sees "BLAHD-ew-wed" and cringes. I think the reason people find it heavy is not for the meaning or the sound, but for the visual – all those b and d consonants sort of bludgeon the untrained eye.

    That being said, you have this uncanny ability to make me warm up to a name that I previously did not like at all! And Zenobia is the perfect example. I didn't like her, and I didn't want to like her, but somewhere along the line your enthusiasm for the name and your exuberantly unearthly beautiful descriptions have won me over. That's some seriously witchy mojo you've got there, Twin!

    Zenobia Daphne Titania is my most favorite of the previously-suggested combos. So vivid and alive! Titania IS the flower-bedecked May Queen in my mind, with a liberal splash of faerie. And Daphne has the soft comfort of familiarity and the greenlit magic of dryads dancing down the springtime moon. This one really is perfection!

    I also love Melanthe and Vivendel for you. Vivendel is so bubbly and lilting and vibrant, plus the honeysuckle meaning is perfect for your imagery. Zenobia Daphne Vivendel, Zenobia Titania Vivendel, Zenobia Xanthe Vivendel, Zenobia Ianthe Vivendel, Zenobia Chrysanthe Vivendel…any of the –anthe's really. Melanthe is like liquid black gold that smells of wisteria to me, all honey-dark and fragrant. Zenobia Daphne Melanthe, Zenobia Melanthe Titania, Zenobia Melanthe Vivendel, Zenobia Melanthe Terpsichore…
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    Of course I logged out y-day just minutes before you posted the thread. I logged in and took a break in writing just to help you and, well, have fun. Zen Bee is beautiful and I think I love her vision slightly more than others; tea parties, jeans and happiness rock!
    These came to mind immediately after I read the list:
    Zenobia Natasha Terpshicore
    Zenobia Cressida Astrid (I realised I like reverse ending and beginning -da--Ad here and a few more in my own combos)
    Zenobia Elentari Titania
    Zenobia Hespera Yvaine
    Blodeuwedd and friends:
    Zenobia Daphne Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Blodeuwedd Hespera
    Zenobia Blodeuwedd Constance (I think stately Con balances fidget Zenobia out perfectly; and you love her, don't you?)
    Zenobia Florence Blodeuwedd (too flowery or fine? If I remember right, you like Flo, but much enough to use or not?)
    Zenobia Bloudewedd Eurydice

    And I love your Zen-Tash-B-wedd combo. Also, is Freyja totally tied to Gwen? She is all flowers, of course you remember she loved them very much as well as animal creatures, right? So I think they are kind of made to be friends.
    Also, Cissea is beautiful but there is a thing that first two syllables (cisse) sound like an awfully rude Russian word for breast. I think it's not a big deal at all but that why I didn't make any combos with her; sounds scares me away, so sorry.
    P.S. I agree with Gwen that Zenobia remindes of miss Luna. So wonderful!
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