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    Your description makes me think of Luna Lovegood if she were a muggle (which personally I think is a great thing!).

    I'm also not a huge fan of Blodeuwedd. Despite the lovely namesake, the actual sound of the name feels rather heavy and serious which just isn't fitting with the description in my opinion. If you want to keep her, I would go with

    Zenobia Daphne Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Cissea Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Yvaine Blodeuwedd

    Other favorites out of the names listed would be:

    Zenobia Daphne Yvaine
    Zenobia Cressida Daphne
    Zenobia Elentari Yvaine
    Zenobia Cissea Melanthe

    I particularly love Daphne in this combo as she's such a fun loving, flower child to me. There's no such thing as an unhappy Daphne in my mind.

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    Melanthe with Zenobia is just gorgeous - Melanthe even means "dark flower", doesn't it? I might be misremembering, but anyway, Zenobia Melanthe Blodeuwedd stands out to me (although I love Eimyrja, Cleo Phoebe deserves that little treasure, I think) from all your combinations, beautiful as they all are. Zenobia Blodeuwedd Yvaine could be another option, although Yvaine slightly darkens the name to "moonflower harvest on a starry night" rather than "flower child". But, as I'm sure I've said before, you can't go wrong with such incredible names! Can I ask, do you actively search them out, or do you remember characters from stories, myths, legends books etc.? I wish I had your seemingly effortless skill...

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    Oh dear, well we know how many combos I'm going to make, haha! I don't think I can do anything with Blodeuwedd that you haven't already, but the Natasha one is my favorite of those. I think she needs that normal name in there since Zenobia isn't as well known as some of your firsts and Natasha is definitely spunky enough to hold her own in the fray. I also think that Zen/Daphne fits together well much the same way that Cleo/Phoebe does, but only if you stick a super cool name on the end of it so I may have double standards. I also love the imagery from Melanthe in there, she's wonderful.
    I was sure I'd put Cressida in all the combos but I'm really liking miss Cissea here instead so let's see what happens. =]

    Zenobia Cressida Yvaine
    Zenobia Elentari Cissea
    Zenobia Melanthe Natasha
    Zenobia Daphne Terpsichore
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    Love Zenobia, she's definitely my favorite on your list, although Morgana and Gwenllian are close seconds Of the combos you made my favorite is Zenobia Melanthe Blodeuwedd. Melanthe is gorgeous! Personally I'm not a fan of Blodeuwedd but since you love her I have a few combo ideas with her, I don't think you could find one that outshine the one with Melanthe though.
    Zenobia Melusine Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Astrid Blodeuwedd
    Zenobia Blodeuwedd Elaine
    and then I second the suggestion of Zenobia Yvaine Blodeuwedd.
    As for combos that don't include Blodeuwedd (if you're ok with no Blodeuwedd)
    Zenobia Daphne Melusine
    Zenobia Melanthe Yvaine
    Zenobia Cissea Melanthe
    Zenobia Melanthe Natasha
    Zenobia Natasha Daphne
    Zenobia Natasha Eimyrja
    Zenobia Melanthe Titania
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    Oh, wow. Zenobia is now tied with Gwenllian for my favorite imagery. So fun! I, too, thought of Luna Lovegood in her Spectrespecs.

    I'm gonna do some Blodeuwedds and some non-Blodeuwedds. I will say that it seems way heavy (soundwise) next to Zenobia. When I look at it, my brain sort of goes, "Ugh. D's." I'm also not terribly keen on the "appearance/look/face" meaning. Enough has been said about the negativity of the story, but wasn't Mr. Otter rejecting namesakes who were fashioned by men?

    So, Blodeuwedds:
    I like Melanthe Blodeuwedd best out of your options. Natasha and Hespera are all right, but Eimyrja doesn't do it for me (I actually love Eimyrja, just not with Blodeuwedd. Too much impossible-to-pronounce going on.)
    I think Blodeuwedd needs something utterly silly and floaty and frilly to balance it out and join it to your imagery; a bright pink, spun sugar/candy floss sort of name. You don't actually have a lot of those on this list, but Zenobia Daphne Blodeuwedd and Zenobia Cissea Blodeuwedd both fit the bill.

    Even without the sodden-ness of Blodeuwedd, I still think Zenobia could use more silliness.

    Zenobia Daphne Titania
    Zenobia Hespera Melanthe
    Zenobia Cissea Yvaine
    Zenobia Cissea Natasha
    Zenobia Cressida Natasha
    Zenobia Natasha Daphne
    Zenobia Elentári Eimyrja (would that make her ZEEE? That would be fun. Almost onomatopoeiaic with your imagery.)

    Going back to your way-long-ago middles list:
    Zenobia Daphne Ondine
    Zenobia Natasha Loveday
    Zenobia Cissea Melusine
    Zenobia Hespera Psyche
    Zenobia Giselle Oenone

    ETA: Just realized I didn't fit Terpsichore in there anywhere. I can't seem to find a spot for it. I'll be back later!
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