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    Giving siblings equally great names is hard! Need a girl equivalent to Shepard

    I have two sons with the names Harrison Cash and Shepard Knox. What I love about their names (esp Shepard), is that they are different, but not too out there. You've heard them before, but they aren't everywhere. Shepard has a nice meaning and lastly, both names work for a 2 year old as well as a 50 year old.

    I'm struggling with girl names as they either feel too cutesy or too formal. Also, not sure the names on my list have the same uniqueness as the boys' names. Hoping to find something feminine (to contrast the masculine feel of Harrison & Shepard) and not overly traditional (no alexandra, victoria etc). Thanks peeps!

    Would love to hear your thoughts (be honest!) on the names I have on my short list and feel free to add suggestions.
    Poppy (what would nn be?)
    Bea (love this, but is it too much of a nn to be used as her full name. I like Beatrix, but it doesn't sound very feminine to me)
    Emery (too popular? different enough?)

    Haven't even started on middles yet!

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