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    my opinions on your list...

    Poppy (what would nn be?) This is a nickname isn't it?!? I'm not sure that there is another short form.
    Bea (love this, but is it too much of a nn to be used as her full name. I like Beatrix, but it doesn't sound very feminine to me) I love this as a nn, if was our choice when we were thinking of Bianca. I also like Beatrix, but was thinking Trixie would have been a fun nn.
    Emery (too popular? different enough?) It's not popular at all here. And it's a different way to get Em, or Emme.
    Isla Starting to trend... my co worker's Baby Isla is about 9 months old. I love this name.

    When it comes to the surname feel that your boys have... you can match that, or take a completely different direction. As boys, theirs match, but as the only girl - you have a lot more freedom.

    I hope that you find a name that you love!!!

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    Poppy - I think this is downright adorable. I love Poppy. It's on my own list as a middle. I suppose you could use Pip as a nn, or something along those lines. Or--and this would solve your problem completely--use something like Josephine or Penelope as a full name, and use Poppy as a nn.
    Bea - I find it ironic that you don't find Beatrix feminine, but Emery you do. There's always Beatrice, or Ruby, or Bianca, or something along those lines. Or really, any "B" name could yield the nn Bea.
    Emery - I like Em- names. Really, I do. Emmeline, Emilia, Emma, Emily, even Esmee/Esmeralda "Emmy". But Emery I find much too masculine, as well as Emerson. I don't see the appeal of Emery at all.
    Isla - lovely, but if you want something a bit less common, I wouldn't go with Isla. It's jumped nearly 800 points in less than half a decade, and it doesn't show signs of slowing down. I think it's truly beautiful, and I'd love to meet an Isla, but if you want something a bit less common, I'd go for Elsa or something along those lines.

    What about:

    Iris (or Ivy, although Ivy is growing in popularity, as well)

    Good luck!
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    Bea-my favourite is beautiful and I know of a girl that has that name (no formal name).
    Poppy I find a bit cute next to the boys.
    Isla too common at the minute.
    Emery Is ok.
    Other suggestions:
    current favorite names:



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    Some surnames used for girls are Bailey, Piper, Emerson, Whitney, Scarlett, Avery, Brittain, Courtney, Harper

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