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  • Aria Magnolia

    12 40.00%
  • Magnolia Isis

    18 60.00%
  • Uma Magnolia

    2 6.67%
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    Aria, Magnolia or Uma? Advice?

    I am having a heck of a time with baby names this go around! I appreciate your patience and assistance Baby number 3 sister to Ashlyn Giovanna and Suriana Elee Aka: Puma. These are my top pick first names not sold on the middles yet. So middle suggestions are welcomed. I really like names with nice meanings. So the sound of magnolia sky is beautiful the meaning isn't really there. Uma is very meaningful but the sound need s help with a strong middle. Thanks!!

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    Aria Magnolia and Magnolia Isis are both gorgeous.

    I'm not fond of Uma or the combination Uma Magnolia. I think you need something crisper to balance out the soft roundness of Uma. Like Chorus or Lark or Celeste or Therese.

    Suriana is lovely. What responses have you gotten to her name?
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    Great responses to Suriana everyone loves it! So hard to find an equally great name

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    Aria Magnolia - I don't like the same endings
    Magnolia Isis - very pretty!
    Uma Magnolia - not a fan of Uma and I don't care for it with Magnolia. With Suriana and Uma, people may think you're obsessed celebrities (Suri Cruise and Uma Thurman). I like Kala_way's suggestion of Uma Celeste.
    All the best,

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    Not a fan of Uma and I must agree with Kala_way on the suggestions to balance it out.
    Aria is actually my favorite but I voted Magnolia as I think it is prettier and more distinct of a name

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