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    Ever use a longer name as a nn?

    I really enjoy Emerson, & thought about Emery as a given & Emerson as a nn?

    Would you ever do that?

    I wouldn't use Emerson, I still can't decide a sex preference on it & the -son ending is also the surname ending.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Yes. My sister is Natalie; I call her Tallie, but also Natalia and Tallulah. My other sister is Rebecca, and I can't figure out how to elongate that, so I just call her Rebecca a lot. And two of my former coworkers were Leo and Carol--I called them Leopoldo and Carolina all the time, haha! I don't know if I would do it for my own kids--I generally tend to lean toward long and flowy names like Isabelle and Charlotte--how do you really elongate those?--but I do do it a lot.
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    It could happen. I wouldn't count on it being widely used, but I could definitely see it.

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    Ashthedreamer I see what your saying! & tallula is rubbing of on me some! Lol

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    It's not unusual for Russians to nickname a name to be longer, like adding a -nka or -ka or -shka ending which adds length. My husband Maksim is Makooshka to his mother.

    I think things like -son, -cita, -ette & -elle could work for a lengthening nickname!

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