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    Both names are great and do not sound too "girlish" at all! I like Cameron Shea a bit more though

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    I really like Cameron but Shea is a girls name to me. I have never heard it on a boy. I prefer Cameron Francis

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    I like Cameron Shea, it flows better than Cameron Francis, and has more spunk. I also much prefer Cameron on a boy. Also Cameron Francis would only be more clear in print since Francis/Frances are spelled different.

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    I love Cameron Shea for a boy, but I do think it sounds unisex and soft. We recently picked the name for my firstborn and we're going with a name of similar qualities. It's just what we love! We don't LIKE masculine names.
    As for the degree of softness, I think part of it totally depends on how your little man turns out. If he gets into football, the softness is all gone. If he becomes a poetry-writing introvert, no hyper masculine name could make him seem "less soft". In that sense, I am not too worried about my own or your name pick.

    About the unisex part, if that is a problem for you, I can see the appeal of going with Francis. Although I would weigh carefully, because it doesn't buy you MUCH clarification other than on paper. And probably many people aren't even aware that Frances is for a girl, while Francis is the male spelling.. So if you really love Shea, go for it!!

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    If I heard Cameron Francis I would think it is a girl.
    Perhaps because I know twin girls with one named Cameron. Or Cameron Diaz. I don't know I just don't think of it as a very strong male name.overall it is a nice name but not my fave.. Shea.. Not a fan and I consider it feminine.
    Sorry :-/
    Cameron as a first name is ok for boy, nn cam. I like that. But I'd go with something more masculine as a middle
    Cameron Jude
    Cameron James?

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