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    help needed , i have a new born -girl and i like the name ,,,,,Isabel

    i have anew born girl and the first name i like is Isabel but try as i might i cant come up with a really easy and special name for her middle name and later on in her life i dont want her to be upset with me for giving her a name she might not like ,, can any one assist me her last mame might be solomon
    all i need is a good middle name , please

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    well you said you want an 'easy and special' middle name.
    I am putting emphasis on the special.

    Is there a family member you are close with you would like to honor? You don't have to use their name but you could tell us the name and we can find another name reminiscent of it in meaning or in aesthetics (like Bianca or Liliana for a Bibiana.
    What about a person who made a large difference in your life like a teacher?
    Or is there a special book, sport or movie that is dear to you heart?
    Maybe if you are religious a word like Grace, Faith or Joy for the middle?

    What are you looking for something that soundss good with Isabel or something close to you?

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