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    I have a few that i always follow:
    1) None of the names can start with the same letter/sound
    2) Must have a postive meaning
    3) first and middle flow well
    4) middle has meaning to me
    5) names flow well as a sibset (same style)
    6) not a requirement, but I like the names not to all end in the same sound ie Lily, Ruby, Rosy and ivy. It just sounds really matchy.


    Clara Lily, Rose Madeleine, Belle (need mn), Tessa Charlotte. Lucy, Emma, Elsa, Maggie, Lena, Lily, Leah, Lila, Ella, Aria, Annabel, Ivy, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Talia
    Seth Alexander, James (need mn), William Samuel. Luke, Caleb, Leo, Liam, Samuel, Jacob.
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    `Nicknames ending in "y" or "ie" should almost always be spelled with an "ie". Allie, Mollie, Daisie (i know, i know)
    `Also I love girls names that go vowel-double-consonant-vowel. like names with etta, ella, elle, or anna in them (but not by themselves)
    `Also. If a name can be correctly spelled with a C, even if the K version is common, it MUST BE SPELLED WITH A C. i.e. Catherine vs Katherine
    `Sibsets can share a letter, as long as the beginning sounds are different and do not rhyme (not *too* repetitive for the last syllables...). Also applies to possible nicknames. (Abby and Alex? Okay. ALice and ALex? no. Addison "Addy" and Abigail "Abby"? Abby and Addy? No.)
    `Sibsets are important. They have to "go".
    `Remember Initials and Monograms
    `Uncommon Nicknames, or Nicknames that help make a name more "usable" (though a name should be pretty usable to begin with) = Yes.
    `Popular = Okay (Nothing in the top 50-ish though)
    `Trendy or Hipster = Maybe
    `Whackball = No

    Idk, color me oddball.

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    Name must be spelled traditionally
    No uni-sex first names
    First name popularity cannot be in the top 100
    First or middle name must have some family significance
    First and middle name meanings must go together
    First, middle, and last names cannot have the same number of syllables (for example, Percy George Darrellson rather than Jackson Thomas David)

    Sibling names cannot start with the same letter (exception with twins lol)
    Siblings of the same gender need names with the same number of syllables (for example Lily Grace and Rosa May)

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    The biggiein our house is: No family names! We're in the minority here but we have a "new person, new name" policy. This has caused us to ditch several beautiful names which are variants of family members, but rules are rules! Our little babe will be the first grandchild on either side of the family and there'd be jealousy and resentment from one party or the other if we picked out one person to honour. Also it means we'll never have to use a name we don't like because of family significance, and we'll never have to choose first names based on how they flow with non-negotiable middles.

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    1. Must Age Well. I have to be able to visualize the name on everything from a baby to a grandparent or I couldn't do it.
    2. No Bad Meanings/Connotations
    3. Easy to spell/pronounce
    4. Has at least 2 nn options (I have like 50 different nns for my pets, so this one's important in order for them not to end up with random nns)
    5. If someone living a century ago heard my kids names they wouldn't think anything of it.
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