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    Well, there are my rules, and then the ones I have to follow for my husband's sake.

    My husband's rules:
    - First name would ideally be Irish.
    - A Catholic name is a plus.
    - Middle names must honor family.
    - Nothing too trendy (in his perception). He'd rather pick something outdated than a name like Aidan.

    My rules:
    - Nothing that's totally unheard of in the US.
    - It must be spellable in English.
    - I would prefer not to repeat first initials (but I could make an exception for the right name).
    - I care a lot about having a cohesive sibset.
    - Most importantly, the name must have some personal significance. I don't want to pick something we "just like the way it sounds" because there are tons of those. I need more of a reason than that to feel like it's the "right" name.
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    1. No repeating first initials unless I exceed 4 children.
    2. Middles with meaning.
    3. Ages well
    4. Sounds great in American, Russian & Italian accents
    5. Not strange in Russian or Italian languages. Ex. Sally is adorable, but Sal means animal fat in Russian
    6. Travels well in general.
    7. Not too popular for girls names- like not in the top 500 unless I love it, for boys popularity doesn't bother me as my taste in classic.
    8. Nothing that has associations when paired together. Like Eugenia & Beatrice are both nice but make me think of Fergie's daughters. Ruby & Max pair well, but that's from a cartoon show.
    9. Legit names
    10. Traditional spellings

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    - Transitions well through all stages of life, from cradle to the grave.
    - Meanings should be taken into account but shouldn't be the main drive behind a name.
    - No names honoring family members. I just don't want my kid to carry the namesake of someone else's disappointment- this is more of a personal thing than a general overall rule.
    - No religious names. Nothing Biblical, Hindi, Jewish, or any other name that reflects a specific religious choice. I feel like that's branding a child to follow a religion they may not want. I know atheists named Christian and Jesus, and they tend to resent their names. I want my kid to make their own decisions, not be saddled with mine.
    - It has to taste good (I have synesthesia)
    - It can't look like someone made a typo on the birth certificate. No frivolous H on the end or swapping an I for a Y or the other way round.
    - Gender-neutral is best, but I wouldn't consider a strict requirement for me, more of a guideline.
    - A certain degree of scarcity. I wouldn't want my hypothetical child to have three people with the same name in their class.
    - Avoiding the trendy. Obviously name trends can't always be predicted (I dread the day Hattie becomes "mainstream") but I hate trendy names. I loathe Mason and Addison and their ilk. I'm so tired of seeing them.
    - Avoid the matchy-matchy or overt themes.
    - Most important: I agree with my partner about it (this might be the hardest one!)

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    1. No repeating first initials in a sibset. My boyfriend finds this one weird.
    2. Not in the top 100.
    3. I would prefer it to have one "traditional" spelling - i.e., I wouldn't use Braden because it could be Bradyn or Braeden or Braydan or Brayden or a million other things, whereas it's unlikely that someone will ask how to spell Mitchell.
    4. Nothing trendy.
    5. Good meanings are preferable.

    Of course, it really does depend on the name itself - if I absolutely love the name, I'm willing to make exceptions, but these are my general guidelines.

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    1. Middle names must honour family
    2. Nothing too unique most of my favourites are top 100 here in Australia
    3. Nothing too dated the only reason why Wilhelmina and Eulalia aren't in my top 10 is they are too dated
    4. Nothing too hard to say the only reason why I can't love Amelia-Lily as much as I want to.
    5. Must make sense to my mother she can't get on board with Alice sadly

    I'm shocked how many people take popularity so seriously.
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