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    We have a very very common last name... and my husband and I have popular names for our generations.

    1. Middle names honor family.
    2. Names cannot be in the top 100 in our State or Top 50 Nationally
    3. Cannot have a "bad nickname"
    4. Normal (not kre8ive) spelling and pronunciation from the spelling.

    this was easy with #1... but we've struggled with #2 when it comes to naming our twins. We really liked Landon for a while, but it's around #17 on both lists, and when we ask people, they all know a Landon. We're looking into others. And we may actually have it narrowed down. We have a short list of acceptable middle names, and that's helping.

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    1. No repeating first letters in a sibset

    2. No repeating last letters in the first names of a sibset (considering making an exception for a endings in girls, as long as the second to last letter is different)

    3. Not too many repeating sounds in first names. (My name list could easily degenerate into just a party for o's, r's, v's, z's and the len sylable)

    4. Meaning is important, but gut feeling and personal relationship trumps etymology and namesakes. I don't consider the database here a reliable source for etymology. I use behind the name databases.

    5. All girl combos must include one name that carries the implication or meaning of strength.

    6. First and middle name combos should balance each other.

    7. I am cautious of names to which I do not have a cultural tie. For instance, I love the name Ornette for a girl, but decided I'm not really enough of a jazzhead to be qualified to honor Mr Coleman thus.

    8. I am wary of names that have unpleasant cognates in Spanish.

    9. Bonus points for short quirky nn possibilities.

    10. Prefer uncommon names (all of my top boy firsts have always been out of the top 1000, all of my top girl first are grandma names currently trending hard.)

    11. Sound good with my last name. I haven't quite firmed up the rules for what this means.

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    1. Normal spellings and full names are a must. I cringe when I see somebody name their kid a name that can be lengthened. I'm fine with Katie, but it needs to be short for Katherine. I see no reason for yooneek spellings, your poor child is statistically less likely to get hired and will have to face a lifetime of corrections.

    2. Cannot be incredibly popular except for good reason (naming after family, etc. )

    3. Should have some strong gender component in the name, even (especially) if the name is unisex. Elizabeth Miller would be okay on a girl, yet Miller Gray would be too much. Florence Archer > Archer as a first.

    4. No fake bible names like Lilah, etc. I don't have a problem with biblical names even though I don't believe in them, but the trend of biblicizing names infuriates me.

    5. I don't know what I want to do with last names yet, but I would prefer mine in the picture somewhere, even if it is as a second middle name that wouldn't actually appear on a monogram or anything. Just for legal purposes.

    6. No bad initials, and no initials that would produce bad monograms!

    7. No 'easy target' names. I knew a kid named Bates growing up and he got called Master Bates his whole life.

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    1. Not in the top 100
    2. Good meaning
    3. Nothing too cutesy that would sound ridiculous on an adult
    4. Nothing remotely unisex or trendy

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    My rules seem simple, but it has become impossible to find names!

    1. Must be pronounceable in Spanish without being butchered or resorting to the Spanish version. For example, Isla would be said ees-lah Every. Single. Time. by my Spanish-speaking family. Also, it's a pet peeve of mine when a child is given an English name, but they call them by the Spanish version, i.e., Matthew-Mateo.

    2. Cannot end in a. My surname is A heavy and it just smoooshes together.

    3. Must contain a Biblical name.

    4. Cannot be in use by family or friends.

    Sigh. It's impossible m
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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