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    Your weird naming rules

    I'm just curious what your own name rules are. For example, I have this weird notion that none of my kids' names can start with the same letter. I like Clementine and Claudia and Imogen and Indigo, but having two same letter names feels way over the top to me...probably because I know several families who named all their kids with same-letter names, and I always hated it. But I take it even farther, so if I had four kids, I wouldn't even want two of them to share a letter.

    There are more common rules like alternating the number of syllables in first-middle-last, or not having two word-names next to each other. But I'm sort of wondering what other people's weird rules are that they've made up for themselves.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    My rules for myself is that they all have to fit into the same style. I really wanted to go with all five-syllable names for girls, but that's proven a little too difficult to hold to. But, I like to feel like the names are "fair" in that they all feel equally special or grand or old-fashioned--whatever I'm going for. For example, I really like old man kinda names for boys: If I were naming a brood of boys today, they'd be Arthur and Edmund and Booker and Laurence.

    I also do not choose names SOLELY based on meaning, but the meaning is taken into consideration. If it's something I really don't like or is really negative, then I won't use it.

    pet peeves: nicknames as given names; unconventional spellings; masculine names on girls
    not-so-guilty pleasures: five-syllable girls' names; virtue and nature names; over-the-top antique names for boys
    (if i repeat name suggestions in a thread, it's because i like them! no apologies here for repeats of great names! )


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    The only "rules" that I have about naming is, for our future children any middle names will honor family, either my husband's or mine, and that the name flows well with our last name. Other than that I don't limit myself very much.

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    1) No repeating first letters.
    2) No repeating last name sound (difficult with -a for girls, especially...).
    3) Similar "feel", but length and popularity don't matter (although if Nicholas and Kit were to suddenly whoomph out of the Top 1000, there would be no complaints here).
    4) Meanings are important, but don't rule everything.
    5) I would say no nickname-y names...but then there's Kit. So. Apart from Kit, no nickname-y names.
    6) I have to be able to imagine it on my grandmother/grandfather.
    Last edited by ciottolo; September 14th, 2013 at 02:39 PM. Reason: realised one of my favourite names broke the rule...

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    I have a few. My husband thinks its silly.
    1. Our last name is Fowler. So, names like CoopER or AshER do not go well with FowlER. Cooper Fowler. Is a lot of ER.
    2. The first name starting with the same letter as the last name. My husband liked Farrah Fowler. (Aside from the big bang theory) The F is pretty strong.
    3. I won't give a yes on a name until I see the baby. I usually have a good idea. But sometimes they don't come out looking like I think.

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