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    Names of old childhood friends: Fonya and Sagelle ??

    Okay, so I figure most, if not all Nameberries are going to hate these made-up names, but I'd still love to hear some opinions.....

    While packing up to move across country (fun, by the way), I was looking through old yearbooks and childhood photos. I was looking at names of some friends and classmates. It's interesting because as a kid I never gave a second thought to anyone's name. I had no idea that I had gone to school with such interestingly named people, such as....

    -Fonya ("fawn-ya"): I have no idea how she got her name. I wish I could ask her now (we lost touch after high school). It's not a foreign name as far as I know. I figured her mom liked Tonya (or Sonya), but put a twist on it.
    -Sagelle ("sage-uhl", not broken up like SAGE ELLE, but more like one syllable if that makes sense): Again, not a foreign name to my knowledge. I figure this could be a twist on maybe some sort of surname from the family tree maybe??? I'm not sure how her name was spelled, as we went to church together as very young kids, not school. I only know how her name was pronounced, so I assumed this spelling.
    -Kelesi ("kuh-lace-ee"): This girl was from Tonga and was so sweet. I don't think her name is Tongan though. Lacey was popular in the 80s, so maybe her mom put a spin on Lacey ??

    So, what do you guys think? I don't think I would ever use Kelesi, but Sagelle and Fonya... perhaps.
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