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    Hazel is gorgeous. I adore it but my husband is blindly against it. It is great just as it is with Sophia. And I love the surname Mayberry.

    If you decide to drop Sophia I think these work best for middle names with Hazel:
    Amelia, Grace, Ada, Stella (Estelle?), Althea

    I think second-guessing your choice is common but you have chosen a lovely name.
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    What about Hazel Janvier....? Hazel "Zhjan Vee Eh" (I think you'd say it like that)...She's due January 9th. It's not real earthy, but it works I think. Is it too yuppie???

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    We have similar taste in names. I am also an outdoorsy girl and a nature and music lover too (the Dead is one of my absolute favorite bands. Hazel was our top name for our 2nd daughter that was just born but I was so torn on the name because of how popular it is getting especially in my city. After she was born, we went with a different name and although I still love Hazel, I am so happy with our decision.

    Althea was on our list (because of the Grateful Dead connection) as was Stella and a few others on your list. I love love love Althea. It is a name you never hear and I love the song. I also love Annie, Alice, Laurel and Clara. Good luck and congrats!

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    Mayberry-Hall would be fantastic! I wish mine and hubby's last names sounded that good together.

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