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    Your Three Kids (and maybe just one more)

    Feel free to play as many times as you like and see how many different families you can create


    Last Name: Starts with the same letter as your real last name
    Your Name:
    DH's Name:

    You have 3 kids, what are they?(roll)
    1,3,5: 3 singletons
    2, 4: singleton + twins
    6: triplets

    If they are three singletons roll the dice 3 times for genders. (Even=Girl, Odd=Boy)

    If they are singleton + twins first roll the dice to see who comes first (1,2, or 3= the twins are oldest, 4,5, or 6 they are the youngest). Then roll to determine if the twins are fraternal or identical (3 or 6 = identical, 1,2,4,or 5 = fraternal). If you have fraternal twins then roll for each of your three children (even=girl, odd=boy), if they are identical than roll only twice, once for the singleton and once for the twins (even=girl(s), odd=boy(s))

    If they are triplets then first roll again to determine if they are identical or fraternal (6=identical, 1,2,3,4,or 5=fraternal). If they are fraternal roll for each one of your three children (even=Girl, odd=Boy) , if they are identical then only roll once (even=Girls, odd=Boys)

    Where do there first names come from? (middle names are your choice)
    1 or 2: Boy:, Girl:
    3 or 4: Boy:, Girl:
    5 or 6: Boy and Girl:

    Do you try to even it out by having a fourth? (Even=yes, Odd=No)

    If you have a fourth, what do you have? They're name(s) are your choice.
    1: Single Girl
    2: Single Boy
    3: Single Baby, Opposite gender of your first child(ren)
    4: Single Baby, Same gender as your first child(ren)
    5: Your choice of how many and what genders
    6: Twins (Repeat the steps above for twins to determine ID/Frat and genders)

    List your family below, add ages descriptions and pictures if you like.
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