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    Last Name: Brown
    Your Name: Jenifer Emily
    DH's Name: Christopher Daniel

    You have 3 kids, what are they?
    6: triplets BBB (1,3,3)
    DS1: Emmett Nathaniel
    DS2: Josiah Matthew
    DS3: Levi Benjamin

    Do you try to even it out by having a fourth? (6: Yes) We want a girl!!!

    If you have a fourth, what do you have? They're name(s) are your choice.
    6: Twins (1: Fraternal. 4,5: Girl, Boy)
    DS4: Mason Alexander
    DD1: Isabelle Rose (Triplets age 4) Currently 7

    Em, Middle: Emmett is just as cheeky as he looks with his curly hair and bright blue eyes Emmett is a little jokester. He loves to laugh and make others laugh, He is very protective over his baby sister and is always making sure she is okay. Emmett is going to be a lady's man when he is older, God help the teenage population when this very loud jokester starts dating. Emmett is loud and very proud of that factor, you can hear the boy from miles away.

    Jose, Right (Red): Josiah is the quietest of the broad, he likes to sit inside and read a story in the corner or look at the pictures in the book. Josiah loves his siblings and is happy to be outside running around and having fun, he unlike Izzy, Jose isn't one to start an adventure but he will definitely follow behind.

    Levi, Left (Yellow): Levi is my mud boy. This child is forever outside and getting him inside is a terrible struggle. Levi loves anything to do with mud, dirt or sticks and often has to have a bath at least once possibly twice a day. He loves to run around in nothing but a layer of mud which is often a fright to the older ladies on the street, Emmett is the only one able to chase him down but then some how Em, Jose and Mase join him and I have four very muddy boys. (Twins 8 months) Currently 5

    Mase: Mason is my tree climber he loves to give me a heart attack both at home and out in public when he disappears to climb a new structure. Mason loves to act like a big boy and follow his brothers around but when it comes down to it if Izzy decides that there is an adventure he will be right behind her making sure she is okay.

    Izzy: Isabelle my princess, my only girl, I am so sorry... 4 older brother is going to make anything hard especially dating. But right now Izzy has every boy wrapped around her little finger and following her every move. Izzy is my adventurer, she loves to see where new places will take her, where every hole in the ground leads and how high every tree is. Izzy often goes missing giving me a heart attack but generally one of the boys will stay behind or run inside and tell me what is happening before they all follow her to keep her safe.

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    Charles and Caroline Walton

    and their three children

    Violet Dorothea Pearl

    and fraternal twins

    Ned Phineas Sebastian Levi
    Cora Adelaide June
    "If I were to search for logic, I should not search for it among the English upper class." Downton Abbey, The Dowadger Countess of Grantham

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