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    Middle name for Iris...

    I've been dreaming up middles for Iris since developing a huge crush on nn Irie.... Wanted to get your thoughts on the combos below and any other suggestions you might have that for my style would be really welcome....

    Iris Mirabel
    Iris Aurora
    Iris Clementine
    Iris Ophelia
    Iris Delphine
    Iris Lily
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    I'm having twins in a few weeks and we have chosen Iris Angell for the girl...which I think it's absolutely stunning :-)
    From the ones you suggested, I would pick Iris Lily.

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    I really love Iris Delphine: beautiful. A suggestion: Iris Felicity
    Best of luck!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Iris is very pretty. It's one of the many flower names I'd like to get on my list!

    I wouldn't do Iris Lily--too much flowers--but I think Iris Lillian would be lovely. I like Iris Aurora, Iris Clementine, Iris Delphine, and Iris Ophelia. I love the idea of an "M" name with Iris, but I'm not terribly fond of Mirabel. I think Iris Madeleine, Iris Magdalena (or Iris Magdalen/Iris Magdalene?), Iris Morgana, etc.? I would suggest Iris Matilda (which would be fab, I think!), but it's your daughter's name, right? Matilda Valentine?

    Good luck!
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